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Triumph TR6 - Chris's new frame

The frame is complete !

Charlie B.

Thanks Charlie! It arrived two days back and I have been pretty busy transfering parts over to the new frame. First impressions, very well made, nicely finished, complete grade 5 mounting hadware included
plus a bag of cable ties for gas and brake lines.
One minor interference problem so far easily rectified on the body or on subsequent frames. For stock TR6's
I think this is a "bolt on" purchase. It's a little different if you have changed engines. I knew this would happen. However, this frame, although it only weighs an additional 50lbs or so is easily 2 times as stiff as the original frame and perhaps more.
I 've got lots of tweaking to do next week to make the exhaust fit the way I want it but I love these little challenges. I'll keep you up dated.

Very cool Chris. Now you have a little work ahead of you.
Have fun
Rick Crawford

Looking forward to seeing the finished product Chris.

Do you intend to be ready this spring?

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

I'll see you boys at Ancaster in April.

What's that saying?

Rick Crawford

Hi all, well the old frame is enroute to Nova Scotia, we loaded into the back of the transport truck this afternoon. I hope it is of some use to Les.
Engine is in, drive line is complete, gas and brake lines tomorow, might even start painting some of the doors and fenders tomorow if I get the paint early
enough. The urethane acrlyic paint we used last time isn't made anymore so we'll be using a Croma Preimier
single stage paint from Dupont.
more to come,

It's hard enough being reduced to just two wheels, but seeing this is enough to make me cry. Chris, you lucky B*st*rd. I felt sorry for you when I heard some young gal without a rear-view knicked your baby, but seeing this frame got me over those feelings. Hope you make the Ancaster event, worth the trip just to see this project. Best of luck.
Mati Holland

Hey Mati!
You back?
Rick Crawford

Mati,if I added up all the insurance payments I have made through out my life I could probably retire on it. This is the only time in 31 years of driving when the insurance payments are working for me!
Believe me I would rather this never would have happened. The appraiser allowed 20 hrs to remove the body from the old frame and install the new frame to the body. It took atleast 30 hrs to remove the body from the frame and more than 90 hours to adapt the new frame for engine and body mounting. And I'm not finished yet, body goes in for paint next week, there is still fitting and assembly of all the many smaller parts, another month atleast!
I'm not saying poor me cause I actually love this kind of re-building but when all is said and done ,
I'll still be in the hole for expenses of the refit
plus all the hours additional time for the refit.
What is insurance for anyway? If I had given this repair to a shop (that I didn't have hands on) I would receive a car back that would be sub-standard.

Anyway,what is the two wheels about? Are you riding a bike this winter?
See you at Ancaster.

Chris, my mother-in-law tells my wife that if I didn't have hobbies, I'd could be out chasing women or something. Hmmm?? Thank god for these gifts - right?

Actually, my wife keeps nudging me back to a TR6, she's still sad that we sold it. I will be back, but I need to get some more biking out of my system first. I spent last summer looking for radar traps on a CBR600F4. So far so good. The winter months are tough, like the Triumph, it sits parked waiting for warmer weather.

Hope to see you guys at Ancaster.

Mati Holland


If you want, i am always looking for a co-pilot for the trip to Ancaster..maybe I can get lost in my backyeard again..

Bob Craske

Bob, I'm a terrible navigator, we could get lost for hours on those twisty back roads. It could a long day for you behind the wheel. (thank me later!!)
Mati Holland

Mati, is that CBR600F4 also what is known as a Honda
CB600 cc? If it is, it's the best bike I ever owned!
Reliable and smooth, never put a cent into it except for gas and oil. I had one wonderful summer in 85
when I was 25 with it. Wish I had it now.
TRV8 Trace


Mant thanks, the frame is now in my garage. What can I say, the frame is is in wonderful shape and the many modifications you have made are all that too. I now have to move the body out so I can start work on the frame.

Top Down 6 Vol 1 & 2 should be with you soon.

lw gilholme

Well folks I am back after major major PC crash. Please folks always back up is the only advice I can give.

Chris sounds like you are making what was a awesome car a even better car. We are proud. I can still recal your winter garage get together and I couldn't keep my eyes of your British girlfriend.

Mati ??????
Like they said in God Father 3,..."they keep pulling me back in"....
Give me a call and lets meet for lunch I want to see the Africa shots.

I tried emailing you about doing volume 3. Did you get that?

Hi guys,
I just got her home today after almost seven months
of storage/shop time. I've been working on her six days a week since Dec. 1st and I think I have about
two weeks left of re-assembling, maybe less.
Sure is nice to to walk into my own garage and do some work instead of driving 45 min. to work in a unheated shop all day. The flatbed tow truck driver
that brought it back to my place told me a bunch of stories about his 75 TR6 that he owned for 15 years.
It was his daily driver for all that time. He said with a good set off snow tires all around it handled very well in the snow.
I did the ultimate test of the new frame today, I placed the jack under the frame in the midlle of the door and jacked it up, both wheels left the ground at the same time and the door opens closes the same as when it is on the ground with no sticking.
The best thing about this rebuild is I've had a chance
to re-do somethings I did hastily last time.

This thread was discussed between 20/01/2007 and 21/02/2007

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