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Triumph TR6 - chrome plating

Can anyone suggest a good plating shop in Mississauga/Toronto area for bumper chroming?

Sorry I'm not familiar with your area, but if there's a Harley Davidson dealer in town, they'd be a good place to ask. They might think you're talking about a Triumph motorcycle, except I've never seen one with bumpers, hehe. Anyway, the bikers know the good chrome shops.

I had my bumpers done at:
The Plating House..116 Viceroy Rd. Building C 1&2
Concord, ON. (416) 661-3964.

They do bikes and antique cars.

I was pleased with what I got back. $400.00 for rear bumper (3 pieces).
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I had my front bumper done at plating house (up by York University a couple blocks off 407).. Looks great.. they even straigtened the dings..

Not cheap thanks to Triumph Engineers.. ($500-600)
Apparently the TR design uses an open box bracket
Jaguar apparently used a complete box with a nipple so you could purge any moisture out..
triumph just cut the to off the box..

So when the bumper is placed in the bath all the rust comes out.. they clean it off and do it again and the rust comes out again..

Therefore the bumper requires multiple dips.. $$$

Anyway also be cautious as most platers close for a month to a month and a half in the summer (too hot?)

There was also one I found in Oakville but it was never opened when I called.. At least they seem to figure out it is bad for business to all shut down at the same time, which is why I ended up at the Plating House
B. C. Wilson

Bristol Plating
The airport using airport transfers sevenoaks area. Carlingview and Dixon. The person you need is Pat. Let me know if you can't find it.

In London there is a small shop called Midway Plating

They do very very good work and are very reasonable (my front bumper including copper based repair was 400). they were on time (2 weeks from drop off) and very friendly

Bob Craske

There is a plating shop in the Bloor St. W & Lansdowne area (which is not a very nice area at all), on Wade Avenue.

This shop (I forget the name at the moment), is very popular. They often receive work from other platers.

A choice of concours (sp-?) or not is offered.

Turn around time is not speedy.

I've sent my father in-law there a couple of times, and he's been very pleased with the results.

I looked in the yellow pages and cannot find the shop's name, but I'll go by there later and reply back.
P Johnston

Thanks for all your input, if you can imagine at one time someone had put driving lights on and bad enough that they drilled holes in the front panel to mount them but they drilled a hole on the center/top of bumper to ground them.


A good job from a plating house will be that the holes are totally gone as if they where never there.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

City Bumpers, 416-534-3501 has moved from Bloor/Lansdowne to South Etobicoke (Kingsway south of QEW), 33 Belvia.

P Johnston

Peter, I use to live around the corner from that plating shop about 15 years ago when the neibourhood
was alot nicer. Their work was good and cheap because they dumped the waste on their backlot. A group of local residents got them put out of business but with in weeks another plating shop would set up bussiness and it would start all over. That was one of the reasons we moved north to the country.
My lesson learned was that if a plater is cheaper than everyone else then there is a reason for it, check his backyard. Small huh?
Christopher Trace

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