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Triumph TR6 - Cleaning the fuel pump

When I start to take the top bolt out of the fuel pump to clean it, lots of gas escapes. I did my best to catch it and then quickly re-tightened the bolt. How does one perform any maintenance on the pump, or replace the fuel filter, without having gas run all over the place?

I can't find a fuel cut-off listed anywhere in the manual. What is the trick? Thanks, John.
JL Bryan

Hi John
You'll have to disc the input line at the pump and lift it as high as you can which should stop the flow of fuel / I got a 3" bit of hose and sealed one end with a oversized bolt and pushed the open end onto the steel line / or if any part of the input is neoprane hose you can buy at a parts store small clamps designed to temp. crimp fuel lines.
Charlie Ballard

The side-screen TR's like my TR3A came with a "petrol stop-cock" as they call a gas-line shut-off valve over there. I can turn it off. it's just below the coil and fuel pump. Most have taken them off and thrown them away because it was easier to do that than repair it so it wouldn't leak.

Others make sure the gas tank is almost empty before they work on the fuel pump. Or you can put a cork into the open end and hope it holds. Gas will run by gravity to any outlet point that is lower than the level in the tank. Or you can get a 2- or 3-foot length of gas line hose and push it on the open end and hold the top end up above the level in the tank. Or you can syphon the gas out the tank till it doesn't flow anymore.

Lots of ways to skin a gas tank. Thus endeth the 1st lesson for today.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

I've the habit of taking a standard pencil and using that to plug the line. Just make sure it's a wooden pencil and not a polymer/sawdust composite as gasoline will dissolve the composite...

Someday I'll make up a batch of wooden dowels about 4" long with one end treated by a pencil sharpener, and the sharp tip removed. Those will go well in the jar of wooden pounding dowels I keep for those special occasions.

'73 TR6
Brent B

Don, Don, Don,

You forgot the oldest trick in the book for those of us who don't have a petrol stop cock.

Visegrips on the rubber portion.

Course it IS hard on the rubber fuel line (unless you use the STOUT stuff).

Don't try this at home.

Jim (still trying to hook up that goose)
Jim Deatsch

Yup you are going to get a tank full of gas coming out:)
I went to a store up here in goose country and purchased a "clamp" that is designed for pinching (squeezing closed) rubber lines. It kinda looks like one of those small "thumb screw" pipe cutters but instead of the cutting wheel it has a round bar that slides with the turn of the screw and will close of the rubber line.
When I had the rubber line squeezed off back at the tank, I replaced the rubber line with a brass valve that I can now shut off at the end of the season ( when the goooses fly south) and run the line and carbs dry. An added advantage is it makes easy work of changing the gas filter not to mention fuel pump work.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

A couple of small flat pieces of wood between the visegrip jaws saves the rubber.

A couple of things I forgot to mention. Please install an auxiliary fan under your hood to keep down engine temperature, otherwise you'll 'cook my goose'
And be very careful when you open the hood, that goose gets real mean after a couple days in there.
So take a careful 'GANDER'

Doug Campbell

I really AM laughing out loud here.

I told Judy about yours and my good conversation and she said we're BOTH sick.

I'm not so sure about Rick either. I think it's catching. I thought those folks out in the Prairies were half sane.

Jim (considers himself goosed now)
Jim Deatsch

Some pretty fowl jokes, there...
Brent B

Oh GAWD, not ANOTHER one.

Jeesh Brent, I had hoped for better from you.

What a bunch of bird-brains.

Jim (ducking)
Jim Deatsch

Ok Guys lets get back to the technical issues that this sights all about.

So heres the facts

Doug flies the goose down to Jim.

Canada Geese mate for life.

The Misses is on the trail right quick hearing the old man got a better Honking job in the states. She took a Gander at his flight plan.

Smart old girl knows the male and female goose have different pitch honks. Aha so do dual car horns. Easy pass for a green card since the old mans employed already.

Now Jim here's the only problem. You will have to be very carefull placing the honkers Goose to front Gander at back. Otherwise you won't only be slipping in the TRs geese leavings. You will have little gosling problems as well.

Uhh Jim by the way what were you using for rails on that T-Bucket? 56 Caddy :)

Hope this helps.

Bill Brayford

What is this? The Comedy Channel? Actually, I thought of just clamping the line, so these are all helpful suggestions. And, to hopefully put an end to it, every time I think my goose is cooked, I find ideas here that are sometimes so simple that it really honks me off that I didn't think of it on my own. Whatever, I guess I'll just wing it this weekend. John.
JL Bryan

Golf tees. They make terrific fuel and vacuum line plugs and I know that you fellas up north have put your clubs away for the winter so you should have a pocket full of tees. They are also known as "those little wooden things" that keep showing up in the wifes washing machine.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

Well we have a gentle snow fall right this minute. Kind of pretty.
Will let you know what I think of it in 5 months
Bill Brayford


I'm leaving town before anyone finds out I know you geese, errr, guys.

The Tbucket was on a rail kit from an outfit out west. Man that was a long time ago. <G>

Jim (considering taking up golf with Joe)
Jim Deatsch

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