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Triumph TR6 - Clive's improved TR6

Clive came by yesterday, shortly after I had cleaned up from trying to decrease the middle part of my frame and undersides of the floorboards.

His 74 TR6 is performance wise a lot different than my 71 was before we pulled the motor. I know it has Webers and better compression, but I'm not sure what else. All I know is that driving it is quite a bit different than driving mine was before the engine got pulled. Clive's car has enough acceleration to really push you back into the seat and his steering is much tighter.

He's going to make a few improvements to my engine, but I would be curious to see Clive tell us everything he did to his and how much each modification affected HP.

How about it, Clive, what'd you do to it?

JL Bryan

John Glad that you liked it, I dont use it enough but when I do It sure brings a smile. The spec is a little more than I have time for tonight i.e. cam, carb jetting,and would have to find my notes but if anyone is interested I would be pleased to answer any emails, Now on to the next project, twin rear lever dampers(back to back) a much used Ferrari option in the 50s I will need to mod my trunk floor a little though.
Clive P

Greetings Clive,

I would be interested in chatting about modifications, drop me an email if so inclined.

Ken Jackson
Ken Jackson

did you install an electric fuel pump for Webers and if so, did you install a crankcase breather on the fuel pump block off plate? I have triple webers on my tr6, revised compression, different cam,also did you modify the distribuor at all? THanks, I appreciate the response. Matt
matt persanis

Matt I have gone over to Twin Facet electric pumps and I did not fit a breather to the blanking plate on the old mech pump mounting although it is a very good idea. I am running MSD triggerd by the original points and have played around with the mechanical advance to the point I feel the optimum performance has been achieved without any knocking (pinking) or high temps, The most time consuming job was getting the jetting sorted on the carbs which were bought secondhand and I had to buy a set of jet gauges to check the size as the no's stamped on them bore no reference to the actual hole size, I would be interested to know what your jetting is just to compare with what I have eMail me
Clive P

CLive, thanks for reply. Twin Facet pumps? Do you really think you need two and how do you hook them up to triple carbs? In line I assume? I have been running a single electric fuel pump. I also do not have the breather form crankcase but do notice a lot of "exhaust" from the breather on the valve cover. Also I recently added a crome valve cover and have noticed oil being blown out around valve cover cap, makes me wonder if thee is too much pressure being built up b/c of lack of breather in crankcase?
Spark wide I have been using a flamethrower 60,000 with magnacore wires and the petronix kit, which msd do you use and how do you like it? You kept your points? Why?
I will check on my jetting, I set it up a couple of years ago and it took a while to get it right. Matt

This thread was discussed between 18/09/2005 and 05/10/2005

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