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Triumph TR6 - Clogged Fuel Line

I removed the metal fuel line from my car that runs along the frame under the driver's side floorboard with the intention of blowing it out with my compressor. The car has been sitting for 10 years. However, when I tried to blow it out it became apparent that the line is clogged. I am guessing dried fuel varnish may be the culprit.

Does anyone know of a way to clean this particular line out? Are these lines available new? Is there a modification I can make with another type of fuel line?
There are no fittings on this particular piece so it would seem that a generic, straight fuel line piece of the correct diameter could be bent to the proper profile.

As Rosanna Rosanna Danna correctly stated on Saturday Night Live years ago, "It's always something!"

Suggestions will be welcome.


Hi Scott

Yeah probably varnish and rust. Just grab fuel line right size and make one up. Create a gap at some point convenient for a fuel filter. Replace all the rubber connectors and your done.

You might want to check the bottom of your fuel tank your fuel pump and your carb bowels if your lines that bad of course.

B Brayford

Agree with Bill...just replace it (10 years of varnish and rust). Use the one u pull out as your template. There is a connection point (in line join) just where the frame starts to flare out to side of body. Consider the following since u will have the line out: This winter I plan to put an inline tap back at the piece coming out of the fuel tank where it joins through gas line rubber hose to the length of pipe u will be removing. This way I can shut the flow of gas off from the tank to change the filter and also at any time I can shut the fuel off to the engine if work is needed up front ( fuel pump). The brass tap and 2 rubber hose connection pieces cost me $10.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks gentlemen. Is this fuel line available at most auto parts stores or can you recommend a source in the U.S.? What is the size, specification, etc., of this line?

Thanks, again.

No argument with the above, but another suggestion.
Prestige Developments of 77 Box Lane, Wrexham, Clwyd LL12 8DA, UK, specialise in TR fuel systems, and can sell you any bit of TR fuel pipe (or system) you want, cut to size, flared and nutted. It arrives well packed as a roll.

Malcolm is the very helpful proprietor, and I am merely a satisfied customer. There may, of course, be US equivalents, but transatlantic postage would not be great.

Best wishes

Hi Scott

Good point Rick.

JohnD we all have low pressure carb. cars here. They use a basic compression bead double ended torpedo thing I can best describe " sorry not a plumber" and nut. Same as a cheap toilet bowel water connector if original.

Scott there is no rocket science to this item. I will give you the exact specs by saturday. Not sure of Id/Od tubing size. Tube can be bought from any parts store. Try to get with a rustproof finish on it. Fairly common and stays looking better. Original there is one short pipe into tank then rubber to main line. one short out of fuel pump and rubber connect to Fuel filter and then on to back adding whatever you wish as Rick advised.

I want to check out if the compression ends to tank and fuel pump are actually ISO type standard or just close to it? Any body else checked? ISO has the bulb end.


B Brayford

Thanks for the help so far. I've located some parts stores on the internet that sell generic line in various diameters. I just want to be sure I get the right size so as not to restrict fuel flow or otherwise affect fuel delivery to the pump.

I'll take a look at the Prestige Developments site, as well.

Thanks, again.

Hi Scott

Line is 1/4 inside 5/16 out common. Considered 1/4 as it goes by i/d. From your post you need about 10 feet to allow lots for bends and screw ups. About 10 bucks Canada any parts store. Try to find one that does not want you to buy whole roll usually 25 feet unless you are doing vent line as well. Cheap tube cutter if you don't have one reem the cuts don't kink your bends and your done. Save the clips off your old tube to attach to frame.

If you decide to get into them. Connectors are all 1/2 inch 20 thread common for brass compression type with sleeve for 1/4 tube have 5/16 hole.

Good Luck
B Brayford

Thanks for all of the help. I'll check out the local auto parts store for the correct size fuel line.

Regards, Scott

Thanks, Bill.
Sorry, Scott.
I should have thought first.


Hey JohnD

Oh yeah sure rub it in John :) Scott John is in England where real Trs reside. "Fuel Injected" high compression. High pressure fuel lines.

Had a hopped up Canadian TR250. Trip webers all the goodies years ago as a pup and ran into a fellow with an England imported fuel injected TR5 in Vancouver. After we played roadrace and had a beer he let me drive his. All I can say is man does that sucker go.

Ours are sort of like being married Cars compared. Great for the "HOW FAST ARE YOU GOING" guy.


B Brayford

This thread was discussed between 20/11/2002 and 27/11/2002

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