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Triumph TR6 - Clunk!

Hi guys,
Starting off in first gear I hear that big old clunk
from the rear.
All U joints are new, hubs have been rebuilt,
Diff has been rebuilt, both diff frame arches
have been extensively reenforced, boxed in and gussets
added, polyurethane bushings. half shafts were cleaned
and greased no play was felt in them at the time.
Drive shaft is new with new U joints.
When diff. was re done there was no apparent slack in the gears when turned. But still have the same Clunk
that I heard two years ago before the restoration.
Any ideas? I can live with it but keep feel there is
something I've mised.
Christopher Trace


Does it do it in reverse as well?

Best bet and easy is nuts bottomed on stud shoulders diff. still some play add a washer or 2? Will also help for awhile if studs are cracked at top.

Mean nasty is a weak center section back drivers rear frame higher than passengers? Trunk spare tire bolt through torque rod causes noise as frame flexes?

Top of passenger side front stud top broken cracked arch. Cracks easy under torque from 6 never mind V8 :) You will have to holesaw or diegrind access and I think in your case maybe fabricate a permanent repair opening?

Have you started the solo racing?


Bill Brayford

Chris, I know how you feel, have been though the whole car, knowing nothing is wrong or broken, yet sometimes the back end feels real harsh, so am wondering if this is just the way they were built. Love it anyway - I've had a lot of cars and think the TR6 is the most fun of any. Peter
Peter Gooch

That sounds familiar. Take a close look at the pressed steel bracket that bolts to the front of the diff and holds the front diff mountings. Mine fractured to allow the diff to hang on the two rears and the remaining left front. When drive was applied from standstill you hear a single dull thump and then all seems to be OK once on the move.
A good thick weld seam both sides of the bracket did the trick (welded off car.
P H Cobbold

Sounds like the diff. mounts to me. Hard to tell unless you get right under it and careful inspect/push/pull on all four mounts. Its common with the 6s but they can be repaired.


Just had my diff out - inspected all mountings real carefully, with bright light and an extending mirror, and a magnifying glass - could detect no cracks as per all I have read on this site. Yet still, it worries me when once in a while I hear a 'thunk',and I ask,"is this the car, or have I missed something".
Get so many positive remarks from others when on the road, am sure the TR6 is one of those 'sleepers'that was not fully recognised in it's time.Have 700 miles on mine now so am beginning to open her up, and man, she goes. The other day, a vehicle coming the other way, stopped, blocking traffic, to say "don't see many of those - nice car" Made my 200 hours of labor worth it. Peter
Peter Gooch


One thing on all cars remember the engine torques to side maybe as simple as an exhaust pipe or hanger bumping? Shock mounts etc.

Check for missing sockets and extensions as well? They do turn up in strange places.

Forget all of the above if you took my advice and put a set of Wheelie bars on her. In that case it would be casters hitting the pavement :)

Bill Brayford

Hey Chris

Take a look at the brake work forgot you redid all that?

Check drum screws etc. Something may be shifting.

Bill Brayford

Hi guys,
Thanks for the suggestions, but,
I had the diff off this winter and with a crow bar and alot of leverage tested the arches and studs from every angle. Nothing moved or even squeeked.
But I re-welded all exsisting welds again and then added all the extra metal to the arches, welded in
reinforcement to studs and arches, gusseted every
right angle, boxed in any chanel. I even welded a
one inch strap across the diff yolk P.H. That's
what you are refering to I think. Checked drum brake
screws Bill, they're tight, the spare tire bolt
sounds interesting, have to check that.
Think I'll have to get it up on a hoist and put it
through the gears with engine running and a good mechanic underneath with a pair of stethoscopes
to really isolate it.
Peter, nice to hear your out and about crusin the beaches of old Mauwi. Driving a TR6 in Hawaii...
life must be hard for some of us. "Book'em Dano,
he's have too much fun."
Christopher Trace

I'm with Bill on checking the exhaust. I did the diff rebuild trip and still had the thump. New u-joints lots of time, lots of beer, and still the thump. I stopped on the side of the road and in desperation grabbed my exhaust pipes and did a little jerk from side to side and found that I had the muffler just right to occassionally hit the frame. Been smiling ever since.
Joe Justice
Joe Justice

This thread was discussed between 02/06/2003 and 05/06/2003

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