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Triumph TR6 - Clunk from front left tire

When I go from forward momentum to reverse, I get a rather loud clunk from the left front tire. It feels/sounds like something is shifting slightly, any thoughts on what this is? Thanks for your help.
74 TR6 Carmine Red
T. Grant

******Beware - dont drive the car again it until you have checked the wishbome mountings on the chassis.****
These are classic symptoms of a known fault- the brackets on the chassis on early cars were prone to failure. It is not hugely expensive to put right- 4 new brackets for both sides need to be welded to chassis. You might be lucky and find its just a worn bush, but in view of the hazard of a wishbone coming free its best to play safe- so dont drive it until you've checked it out.
P H Cobbold

Now, I'm going to heed your warning, but would there be any other warning signs/symptoms for the wishbones letting go. As it is now, I only get this clunk noise when I come to a stop in forward motion and put the car in reverse. On the road/highway there are no noises or clunks when driving.
T. Grant

Could be a loose or broken brake caliper bolts or jammed up caliper as well?
Bill Brayford

That's exactly the symtoms. Its usually the rear bracket that fails (the two bolts pull out of the rusty/fractured bracket), so when you are driving forward the forces acting on the tyre push the inner end of the rear wishbone tight up against the chassis bracket- it all seems to be stable, no noises. But when you go into reverse the wheel is being pushed forward and the wishbone pulls away from the chassis- when that gap closes up you get a single dull-sounding clunk.
I remember a friend years ago asking me why one of hs front tyres was rubbing against the wheelarch when he reversed into the garage. He had just returned from a spirited drive through the hills of Wales.
After reversing the car there was daylight between the wishbone and the rear bracket.

Bill could also be right. Lets hope so.

P H Cobbold

Loose/broken caliper bolt should also induce some "grabiness" on the side with the problem. In any event, everything down there needs a good looking over.

Yeah - you need to not drive until you check things out. It could just be worn bushings, but they would have to be REALLY worn out to give the type of play that goes "clunk". While not as an immediate hazard as the bad bracket Peter refers to, you still need to check it out carefully! If you're fortunate, it will only be a re-bushing job, and you'll be pleased with the results.

'73 TR6
Brent B

Well TG what was it? suspension or brakes?
P H Cobbold

Well, you'll have to wait 6 months, I've put the car away for the winter at an old age home of all places. But after speaking with Don E., I'm suspecting that it is a worn bushing. I have some photos of the table and the mounts look in good shape, but you never know.

I'll let you know come spring.

T. Grant

This thread was discussed between 27/10/2003 and 13/11/2003

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