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Triumph TR6 - clunk from my right rear wheel

When I shift gears and apply gas I head a lound clunk coming from my right rear wheel. Took off the wheel and there seems to be a bit of slop in the rear axel spline fitting (seems to be because I can't get off the second screw holding the brake drum on) Changed the outer axel 21 years ago when it broke off going around a curve.

Any suggestions where to go from here?

Russell 1974 TR^
R Egge

Or is it that it is time for new u joints?

R Egge

Look at U joints first, and maybe have a look at the differential pins, they have been known to crack, causing a clunking sound while shifting gears.....
Mitch Smith

Check you suspension and diff. mounts.
B Chamberlain

If you can "wiggle" the tire when it is off the ground from top to bottom of tire and also front and back of tire then you need to get that drum screw out and have a look at the 6 studs that hold the hub to the trailing arm. Have been know to strip out of the aluminium casting....a really bad design. Can be repaired with helicoils.

Also if you are standing still and let the clutch in and out without moving, do you hear the clunk? Could be the right front dif mount but was fixed by '74 so have a close look at all 4 mounts. Yes could also be UJs
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 20/05/2008 and 26/06/2008

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