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Triumph TR6 - Clutch Clack

I am the owner of a 1976 TR6 with 65000 miles. Driving down the road I can hear an intermittent clacking sound coming from under the car. Upon further investigation with the car on the hoist I found that the slave cylinder and pushrod were allowing some free play of the clutch shaft. When there is slight pressure exerted on the clutch shaft lever putting the throw out bearing in light contact with the clutch all is fine except the slight noise of the throw out bearing. When some free play is allowed and the lever is moved slightly I get this loud clack from inside the bell housing.
I had this same problem back in 2004. I rebuilt the slave cylinder and replaced the master cylinder keeping the pushrod snug and the problem disappeared. Now two years and 1000 miles later the clack has reappeared.
What could be causing this? Could it be the spring on the clutch shaft being worn or broken? Is it appropriate to install an external spring to keep things snug or have I been driving on borrowed time? I have replaced and rebuilt just about everything else on the car and drive this car very little. Am I on the right track or just trying to delay an inevitable clutch kit installation?
I appreciate having this forum available and enjoy reading it along with other enthusiast forums on a regular basis. Any suggestions regarding this situation is appreciated and look forward to seeing you all at Bronte.

David B

I do not think you are looking at clutch.
With that little bit of play you could be looking at the cross shaft fork pins rattling in the throwout bearing assembly. The cross shaft could have worn bearings in either end of the shaft in the bell housing (always replace with 2 bushings per end). The spring is not a strong one at all. It could be getting weak or broken. If you "jury rig" an external spring, make sure it is not a strong pull spring. Your push rod should be in the center hole of the cross shaft arm.
Yes, see you at Bronte.
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS replace all 3 parts of clutch at same time.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 21/08/2006 and 22/08/2006

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