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Triumph TR6 - Clutch Fluids

Well I am going to break down and rebuild my clutch hydraulics this week, since my last thread on this subject(21-07-02) it has performed fine but the fluid loss tells me that I may have been victimized by the PO and he may not have rebuilt this unit with synthetic. Does anyone out there have a preference for synth or silicone or plain old Castrol LMA I would like to get some longevity out of this rebuild if possible.
I had been using Valvoline dot3/4 compatible fluid that is suitable for all brake or hydraulic systems, but have seen evidence of silicone especially in the brake system of my 6(it is purple in color) and would like to use a fluid that doen't double as a paint remover. I will be installing a new master and hose, and rebuilding the slave at this time.
Thanks,and Best Regards
Keith 72 TR6

Didn't we already use about a zillion MB on this subject already. Keith, check the archives, I think you'll find the masses are split on this.
Don K.


Don, Thanks I think there was more info there than you can ever need, anyone using dot5 in the clutch area or is it's compresability to suspect here. That's right Don E. the sage of TR3's mentioned he used it in both if that is the case it is good enough for me too. Thanks Don.

So is that use DOT 5 or not? Is dot 3 more or less compressable than 5? (with compressabiltiy being bad).

Bryn - I have used purple silicone brake fluid for both the clutch and the brakes in my TR3A because the TR3A has only has a single common fluid reservoir.

I've used silicone fluid for 12 summers (over 68,000 miles) since I finished my full body off restoration in 1990. At that time, I had heard that for best results, clean out all the pipe-lines and change all the rubber seals, hoses, etc for new ones before switching over to silicone fluid.

In my case, it was not because of compressibility. It was more for the fact that it won't strip paint off when it leaks. TR race drivers won't use it because they claim it has more problems under repeated extreme race contitions.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A

Don Elliott

Thanks Don E. my major concern is to use a fluid that won't strip paint also. my brake system uses silicone ( from going back to the archives I saw your advice about how to check it) but the purple color was a dead giveaway. In the clutch the fluid I have used is listed above and is a synthetic fluid that can be used with dot3/4. However it is not dot5 (silicone)compatible so if the po had used silicone in the clutch system on a previous rebuild then I screwed it up when my clutch lost hydraulic pressure and I started into a refill with this fluid there was not enough fluid remaining for me to test. So live and learn and skin knuckles while doing it.
Thanks to all for there help.
Keith 72 TR6

Don't go by color alone. I didn't know whether the PO put silicone or glycol in my hydraulics (it was colorless). So I turkey basted some out of the MC into a cup and mixed in some silicone. Guess what? The mixture layered out, indicating a silicone-based system.
Rick Orthen

Sorry, that should have been "mixed in some glycol."
Rick Orthen

Rick O,
I should remember to put a turkey baster in my tool box I did siphon out a small amount to test as you did same result. Mine is still deep purple color (think grape Koolaid).
Thanks, Keith

Keith - I always carry some spare "purple" brake fluid with me in my TR.

Will you have it done in time to drive to British Invasion in Stowe this Saturday ? I'll be there. Registration closed on Sept. 13th.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, Black/Red 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Don,Unfortunately I won't make Stowe this year something to do with paint brushes I think, but that purple fluid is now part of my in car safety kit also. My car is fixed and performing well once again but to many other projects to finish before bad weather gets here.
Thanks for your help,

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