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Triumph TR6 - Clutch Master Cylinder

I am replacing my clutch master cylinder....wet left shoe....anyone have any preference on aftermarket vs oe? Anything I should watch out for with aftermarket?

Shawn 74.5

Are you aware that yours can be rebored and sleeved at a lot less than buying new? Takes a little longer though than just going out and buying one.
No idea on which is better for question.
Rick Crawford

I bought the bigger .75" bore replacement vs. the smaller .70" bore, which came with the '76 TR6, the idea being higher volume of fluid to the slave cylinder and thus better action on the clutch. Common wisdom anyway. Obsolete Auto in Point Edward, Ontario has a writeup on the difference in their Sports Car Chronicles, their quarterly newsletter, which they will send you upon request. I bought the unit from The Roadster Factory as I found their parts to be of superior quality to Moss. It's not installed yet so I can't comment on its performance. The brand name is "County" and it's made in India but much of the replacement stuff is made in India and China and County seems to be a good product. Check out for their site. Hope this helps some.

Bob Evans

Rick and Bob,
Thanks for the response. I ended up ordering an replacement from RF today. Will need to scrape away the bubbled paint down by the paddles. Once that is done I will have to repaint. Shawn 74.5

Correction. I got the part from Obsolete Auto. Checked the part # on the box and it is their number. Not to worry though - TRF sells good gear.

Bob Evans

Hey all
In order to have a wet shoe the brake fluid has to go through the servo. What kind of damage does that do? I just replaced all the rubbers in my master and it no longer leaks but I drained the servo and reinstalled it as is.

GL Gordon

Hi Gordan,

The oil drip is via my clutch peddle not the brakes. (fortunately)

This thread was discussed between 21/04/2008 and 22/04/2008

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