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Triumph TR6 - Clutch Opinions

Hi all. It has come time to replace my worn out clutch. It has been slipping fairly badly on me in recent years and it makes getting up steep hills tricky on occasion.

I've looked around and it appears the 3 main brands out there are Borg and Beck, Luk, and Sachs. I know Borg and Beck are the OEM supplier, but I was wanting to get some opinions from people who have used or know anything about the other brands.

Currently I'm using the Koyo release bearing which has been working wonderfully. It isn't all that expensive so I'll end up replacing it with a new one when I do the clutch.

Any opinions on clutches and which brand to get?


The original clutches for the TR6 were smooth operating. The replacement ones have a pressure plate for a SAAB which has a lot more grab. Some TR6 owners have had their original clutch pressure plate re-built to keep this smoothness. If you are a racer, go for the replacement. If you have a daily driver and like it smooth, check on getting it re-built with new springs and fingers.
Don Elliott

Hello Don,

Nice car!

For the SAAB pressure plate from what model is it coming? Is it a straight fit ot some modification is necessary?


J. G. Catford

It is what you buy from most of the usual TR suppliers. It is advertized as a TR pressure plate, but is from the SAAB stock room. I don't know the model of SAAB.

My TR3A clutch is very smooth. I don't know what brand it is. It came with a pressure plate that had three fingers which the throw-out bearing pressed on. I re-built it twice but after 170,000 miles, I bought one in a kit from TRF that was exactly like the original (with the three fingers). It is smooth and easy to shift in the 14,000 miles since the change.

Thanks for the comments about my TR3A. We'll have to meet some day, seeing that you are only 170 miles away.
Don Elliott

I have seen the Koyo bearing wear the clutch cover fingers as it rides on them at all times. There is an outfit in Germany that does a very nice release bearing with bronze carrier for these cars but with the exchange rate it is rather pricey (but an extremely nice piece of work). It is currently showing at 98.00 so with exchange rate you are looking at about $125 for the bearing and probably another $25 or so to ship it. The URL for the German outfit is at the bottom of this post

There are some additional things to think about. If you wish I can e-mail you some additional clutch information that I have stashed away, just post back here to let me know.

I've added a preload spring on the Koyo bearing and so far (I've pulled the tranny once since installing it) the clutch fingers had some wear on them but it didn't seem like anything excessive. Of course, things could look different now given that about 2 years of driving have passed.

In case anyone else is interested in the Gunst bearing, British Parts Northwest has it for cheaper than the prices SteveP listed.

Sure, I would appreciate the additional information you may have.


Don is probably right. My 71 has a Ferrari pressure plate that Clive had laying around and it does tend to grab a bit more quickly than the old clutch. It just takes a little getting used tois all.

JL Bryan

This thread was discussed between 24/10/2006 and 25/10/2006

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