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Triumph TR6 - Clutch peddle 'chatter'

To All,
A friend has a '75 TR6 with a clutch problem.
He pulled the tranny last fall to replace some components inside the tranny. Both clutch pieces where OK but replaced the throw out bearing. The slave and master where rebuilt 2 years ago.
Now (after reinstalling tranny back in car) when the clutch peddle is depressed you get a kinda "chattering" FEELING from the peddle. This is hard to describe. Same if engine running or not running. It is like 3 "pulses" as the peddle is depressed. and closer to the bottom you hear some rubber squealing noise. It is like something is sticking but DOES NOT stop the clutch from operating properly. There is no leaking of brake fluid at all. When he disconnects the slave from the fork arm the arm has smooth movement till you get clutch resistance. He plans on putting a long pipe on the fork arm to see if he feels anything in it. This "pulsing" can be felt every where in the clutch system....meaning, I put my hand on the master cylinder and it feels like the pulse is coming from it yet it is felt in the slave also. You can hear it also...but does not sound like anything grinding.
Like I said, clutch operates properly.
I said to Brian I would ask the BBS.
Thanks guys.
Rick C

PS Having a great summer of driving. 1,700 miles so far and only put her back on the road end of June. New local British car club started up my way this spring so more chances to go for drives with other LBC. The TRs are way out numbered by MGs.
Rick Crawford


Sounds to me that there is mechanical "stiction" in the system downstream of the slave piston. Your friends plan to move the fork arm by hand using a pipe may confirm this. First suspect would be replaced components - it could be clearance issues between the new clutch throw-out bearing and the part that projects inside it.

I'm also enjoying driving during this lovely summer.


B.J. Quartermaine


A long shot but something that can be easily checked is the crank end play. What if by coincidence the thrust bearings are bad or gone? You might feel it tranmitting throught the clutch system since the clutch is pushing on the crank when your foot is down on the pedal. easy check to do before pulling the trans again. Most likely though there is something wrong with the new component. Did the little pin in the throwout bearing carrier fall out causing the carrier to spin? Was the new bearing good and greased?

Let us know what is found.

HP Henry Patterson

Thanks guys. Henry, not sure on that. As you know, when sitting still ,engine not running, just one push of clutch peddle pushes crank forward. the "chatter" is there with every push.
Will let you know what he finds out.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Was the T/O brg carrier lubed? It might be sticking when it slides? Air in the system? about the swing arm it catching, transmitting the 'snag' thru the system??
There's my guesses!
Rod Nichols

Oh I see where you originally said engine running or not running. Whole different story there.
I guess I blew right past that point. So now my money is on the bearing carrier binding.

Good luck

HP Henry Patterson

Rick - I've driven TRusty 5414 miles so far this summer.

Don Elliott

I will see him tonight at British Car Club meeting. He will not be happy with pulling the tranny.
Thanks guys
Rick C

Don, THAT'S ALL!!!.........:-)
Rick Crawford

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