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Triumph TR6 - clutch problems

Last year I was having problems with my clutch, It wouldnt disengage when i pushed in the pedal. It got progressively worse until it completely failed. I found that the pin had sheared that holds the throwout bearing fork to the actuator shaft. I pulled the tranny, replaced the actuator arm, fork, tapered fork pin, bushings and forkdowels. After doing this the clutch seemed to disengage fine but I didnt drive it much that year. This summer I have been having similar problems again. The clutch disengages ok when the car is just started but gets progressively worse as the car heats up . It gets to the point that you cant engage reverse at all , I have to shut off the car, engage reverse then restart the car. I have bled the clutch slave cyl. twice but still have the prob. Does anyone know how much stroke I should have on my slave cyl? I also replaced the slave cyl. when I did the clutch fork work. I have this problem in all gears but it is worse in rev. and 1st. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Did you put the clevis pin in the proper spot on the actuator arm? ie the middle hole.

The fact that it is not releasing after replacing all the parts except the master cyl, I wonder if you have an internal leak in the master. The bore in the master gets pitted or scored over time from contaminated brake fluid and I wonder if it is not pushing all the fluid in subsequent tries as you use it.

I once had 2 problems with release after replacing the parts.
1 The first one was after replacing the parts durring the restoration, I did not actually drive the car for about 6 months and no matter what I did I could not disengage. The problem turned out that due to humidity when the tranny was off it rusted the friction plate to the flywheel. Cure was to push the car up against a brick wall and start it with it in first gear and clutch depressed. With a loud snap and crack it separated.
2. even after countless bleading after rebuilding the master and replacing the slave I could not get the full release and the pedal felt mushy/loose for the first 1/2 of travel (we are not talking about the freeplay either). Cure was to take the parts out again and bench bleed each one.

This thread was discussed on 15/09/2002

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