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Triumph TR6 - Clutch Question

During my drive yesterday I noticed that after the car had warmed up and had been running a long time, the clutch pedal seemed like it was binding a little. Hard to explain but it felt kind of squeaky, not high-pitched but a low-pitch squeak. I'm wondering if I regreased the carrier/throwout bearing on the shaft when I reinstalled the gearbox. Does anybody know the spec for greasing, not greasing the input shaft that the bearing rides on? I really can't remember if I did that or not but I am usually very attentive to details like that but simply can't remember. Just a note to advise that I'm running a brand new clutch/pressure plate assembly, new carrier bearing and new bushings in the clutch cross shaft. I can't find any specs in the TR6 Repair Operations Manual for greasing the input shaft but it seems like the logical thing to do. Only way I know to find out if I did it is to pull the gearbox. Any ideas here would be most welcome.
Bob Evans

In the 49 years that I've had my TR6 I've never lubricated anything at the bell housing. Are you sure it isn't the pedal or the return spring making a bit of a grunch? A spot of white grease on the various rubbing points would take care of that.

A. J. Koschinsky

Thanks Tony. Still not sure if I greased the carrier bearing or not but when the car cools down the "squeak" is gone. I know there is a provision for adding a grease nipple to the cross-shaft bushings and maybe with heat, the expansion of the shaft is causing binding on the dry bushing. Could be in the pedal but I doubt it, however, I will lubricate the pedal assembly and return spring anyway. Hard to explain but the squeak/crunch is more something I feel than something I hear. It's the pedal action that I'm feeling. Just one of many minor bugs following that last big teardown and rebuild but all is coming together gradually. Any other comments welcome.
Bob Evans

Geez Bob, just wait. after a few miles the rear main seal will do all the lubing you need. It is a TR after all

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