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Triumph TR6 - Clutch Rebuild

Hello all,

I know this has been discussed in the past as I have read the archives. But as vendors enter and leave the TR parts marketplace I thought it might make sense to take the current temperature.

In your opinion whats the best current source (performance/price) option for parts to rebuild the clutch on a '71?

Thanks in advance,
EC Smith

I'm sure there are other opinions, but I used the "Magic Clutch" kit from the Roadster Factory as it included other components besides disk, pressure plate, & T.O. bearing that needed replacement. It's performed very well.
One upgrade to it, though, was to throw away the brass fork pin and use the high tensile part from Moss.

Brent B

I used Mosses comp clutch with hi-tensile fork pin and doubled the bushings - two will fit side by side in the housing for the release shaft. Then I added grease fitings which take one shot every few thousand miles, and it's all worked flawlessly, so far.Given the wear on the original set, single and unlubricated, these will last as long as I'll ever need. Peter G
Peter Gooch

If anyone needs to replace their clutch shaft, you can order the one for a TR4. The TR4 shaft has grease fittings, otherwise it is identical to the TR6 shaft.

Doug Campbell

So has anyone that posts here and has been in on the Gunst throw out bearing group buys installed theirs yet? Mine are still sitting in the box so I have nothing to report at this time, but would love to hear a running report.

This thread was discussed between 25/11/2003 and 26/11/2003

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