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Triumph TR6 - Clutch release


I have justtaken the gearbox out of my TR6 and notice that the clutch release fork is welded to the cross shaft.

Anyone else seen/done this? I'm inclined to think this is a bad idea, expecially since I am now suffering clutch drag and will probably have to cut tho whole lot out to fit a new one.

Is this a "normal" mod, given that the locking pin is prone to crack/shear ?

Also, does anyone know what the "right" amount of travel is for the clutch slave push rod? I need to find out where the problem is that stops the clutch disengaging smoothly.

Antony Batten


Yea some do that. In fact mine was like that. Depending how it was welded you may be able to save the fork. I just cut the shaft on the weld right next to the fork on either side and knocked out the piece of shaft left in. You probably need to replace the shaft anyway since it wears on the bushings on each side of the bell housing. Don't forget to replace the bushings as well. When I reinstalled a cross drilled the shaft and installed a bolt. So far so good. There's lots of info available on how to do this on the various sites.
As for you clutch disengaging problem, could be sticky clutch syndrome (again explained on some sites, which I'm sure some of the other guys can direct you to). Also I had that problem and it turned out to be a bad throw out bearing.

Doug Campbell

This thread was discussed on 14/07/2004

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