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Triumph TR6 - Clutching at straws

Yesterday I went with a friend to look at a '74 TR6 that is for sale. It has been sitting in a garage for 3 or 4 years, and the clutch is siezed in a fashion that I haven't encountered before. After taking up the initial free play on the pedal, it is hard as a rock. It not being my car, I didn't put my full weight on it, but it did not feel like it was inclined to move any time soon. Has anyone experienced this? If it is the master or slave cylinder, it might not be too bad but if it is the throwout bearing stuck to the input shaft, well...

A. J. Koschinsky

Tony- Been thinking about this
Are you saying you "can't" move the clutch pedal?

Precisely. There is only a small amount of freeplay at the pedal then it doesn't move at all. I've had clutches frozen at the pressure plate but the pedal has always moved to disengage at least one of the clutch surfaces. Here, it is stuck fast. The handbrake was left engaged and the rear brakes are siezed as well. Must have been pretty damp in that garage at some point.
A. J. Koschinsky

Have you unhooked the slave and see if the parts move individually?

My WAG would be to eliminate the "easy" suspects that don't require removing the transmission- stuck pistons in the master cyl, slave cyl., or the pedal pivot. If those aren't frozen, then the cause is probably the release bearing carrier rusted to the front cover (snout).
BTP Price

In the FWIW catagory, were it me, I'd obtain a can of Aerokroil and liberally apply EVERYWHERE I could w/o disassembly to any and all linkages in the system. May not be able to get to the culprit, but it's a cheap start and Aerokroil will break rust bonds with one or a few applications and a little time.
Doug Baker

Thank you for these thoughts, gentlemen. I think when we go back for another look we need to take a jack to get a look from underneath. Then its a matter of factoring all of this into the negotiations. If Tim buys the car I'll let you know what the problem actually was.

A. J. Koschinsky

This thread was discussed between 16/08/2013 and 20/08/2013

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