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Triumph TR6 - Coil Terminals

Me again.

I'll be attempting to install a Flamethrower coil in my '74 TR6 to replace the stock lucas unit. I've already got the EI installed and functioning well.

My question is this:

The stock coil has a female terminal on the ground side and a male terminal in the positive side. The new Pertronix Flamethrower coil has screw type terminals on both sides. I'd like to not have to replace my current wire terminals so...

What is the name of the shank to male/female dohickey thingies I'll need to make this work? And do they exist? I won't mind changing the ground side out, but do not want to alter the positive side wires as they are part of the harness. If I ever need to go back, it would be easier if I didn't have to change the wire terminals.

I hope I made sense, the guy at the electronics store thought I was nuts (he didn't know how right he was).

I figure the coil change would be a nice "during the hurricane" project.

Thanks in advance,

Don Hasara
Lopatcong, NJ
'74 CF19053U
D Hasara


At some point Lucas coils came w/ blade terminals held on screw terminals by nuts and washers as that is the current replacement coils' configuration. The original coil on my 1974 has the blade terminals riveted on, I assume that is what you have.

I can't recall ever seeing the terminals themselves separately available. I would try carefully drilling out the rivets on the old coil w/ a Dremel tool or making short jumpers.

Holdens Spares in the UK usually have a great selection of terminals and other odd bits, but that's a long way for a few $'s parts.

Good luck, W


Try RadioShack - you can purchase the spade (male and female) connectors and make a short jumper to change the sex of the wire. That is, if you need to change a male spade to female, make a short wire with two female ends - one goes to the male spade connection, and the other end is now female.
I hope I made sense - I get a little nervous when I talk about sex with two females.
R.C. Blair

They're great ideas, but I'm simply looking to get a shank connector with a male end to plug into. No one seems to have it or has ever heard of it. Am I crazy for thinking an item like this exists?

Is it possible to buy a piece or copper and make one? If so, where could I buy it?


D Hasara



They have what I think you want in their e-catalog under wiring then connectors. I've ordered from them and they are very good.



The connectors your looking for are common in electronic manufacturing. May be called flag adapters? Male female found in all types of devices. One app I can think of is Uninteruptable power supplies "UPS" for computers. Most deep charge small batteries have the screw connect. So they adapt to flag or spade. Get the ones that are weather proof. A good industrial electronics supplier should be able to set you up no problem and since they come in bags of a thousand will likely give you a couple if your nice. Most industrial counter guys are disabled pros or top DIYs of some sort and the best.

Don't go to Radio Shack??? If it doesn't have a stock # in his computer or isn't on CD or DVD kid won't have a clue?

Bob I envy you. I get nervous talking about sex with any female. Never mind 2. Wife may be listening. And yes she does look at this once in a while and I will get whacked. :)

Don if you can't find easy let me know and I will get a manufacturer and part#.
Bill Brayford

Hi There

You should be able to find what you want at any number
of places such home improvement stores (Home Depot, Loews,...etc) auto parts stores, electronic stores (yes even Radio shack) I find that there is usualy at least one guy at any Radio Shack that knows where everything is
but then again you have to find that guy
Tom Brown

So far I've been two two electronics stores in addition to Radio Shack, two auto parts stores and Home Depot. Why does everyone look at he like I've got two heads?!

It seems like such a common part. I'm tempted to start ripping apart unused electronic equipment in the house to find what I need. It's called a stationary blade connector. I need a single for the negative side of the coil and a double for the positive side. If there's anyone in central/western New Jersey who has a stash (not the smoking kind) and would be willing to part with a few connectors for a nominal fee, I'd sure appreciate the help. In the meantime, the car runs with the old coil until I get this sorted out.

Thanks in advance for all the help you guys continue to provide to poor slobs like me!


Don Hasara
'74 CF19053U
D Hasara

Hi don
Go to the bottom of this page. Closest I could find to you.

Bill Brayford

sorry meant to say contact them and ask who has that product in your area.
Bill Brayford


Send me your address. I have a set of what you need.

Jim Deatsch

My heartfelt thanks to Jim Deatsch for mailing me the exact parts I needed! New coil is in and the sucker fired right up!

I now firmly believe that all auto parts counter people turned into robots who simply don't understand anything that way not manufactured in unibody design.

That explains why Triumph folded after the TR7/8 came out.

Thanks again Jim
D Hasara

Oh stop, now you're embarassing me. <G>

Glad to have been able to help. I believe that's important especially when one encounters unobtanium.

Jim (the keeper of the coil parts)
Jim Deatsch

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