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Triumph TR6 - Considering my first TR6

I've had MG's for years, with a few Triumph's along the way, but never a TR6.

There are a few for sale around here and I wondered what I should look for in a TR6, like body problems, particular mechanical issues, etc. Things that are peculiar to a TR6.

Prices... I know condition plays a big role, but what sort of prices are fair?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Regards, David
David Steverson


Body and frame problems are not likely an issue for you as you are in a fairly dry environment. However, if the vehicle is not a local vehicle, you may wish to check a couple of areas prone to rust.

Rockers, rear fenders above the signals and rear deck areas are all subject to severe rust. These areas are fairly obvious.

The frame section , at the trailing arms are very prone to rust. These can be fixed but expensive to do correctly. In some cases I have seen these areas fixed poorly with metal welded over the damaged area.

Good luck, John

Hi David

John is right on about rust areas, from what I understand, but a couple of other issues which come to mind are cracked diff mounts (passenger side front is the main problem) which is a simple enough fix, but requires removal of the diff and welding. Still on the chassis, I would have a look at the front suspension mountings - the later TR6 had reinforcements for the lower wishbone mounts, but earlier ones didn't. My car is a later year but still has a pretty poor repair to that area.

If you have had Triumphs before then the chances are you already know to check for crankshaft end float - the thrust washers wear and can fall out, so make sure that the crank pulley can't be levered more than a finger nail thickness or so (that's the level I was told is maximum allowable - not very sceintific, though!).

Another fairly common issue is failure of the pin holding the clutch fork to the shaft. This is a cheap part but requires quite a lot of work to replace it (gearbox removal).

I have been working on a friend's MGB lately and it is amazing how much more modern the TR6 seems. Those kingpins are a huge hassle - at least they are when the car hasn't turned a wheel in 20 years...

I hope that something here is helpful. Good luck with your search!
A Hewitt

Thank you both for your comments! I'll look at those areas in particular.
David Steverson

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