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Triumph TR6 - Conversion to RHD

If the conversion is anything like my Bug Eye was it's a pretty simple (involved but simple) deal.

As I understand it the only things I'll 'need' are the RHD rack center and a RHD dash piece.

Is it not so?

Moss do not list (at least here in the States) a RHD rack center.

Thoughts from anyone?

Jim Deatsch

Jim - I'm not sure if you posted in the right thread here but the archive below might be useful.

Roger H


'not posted in the right thread'? Lost me there.

But thanks for the info.


Jim Deatsch

Hi Jim
To convert to RHD you need the following parts
Metal dash backing
Wooden dash
3 pedals
Steering rack
New wiring loom [or modify original]
clutch master cyl & bracket
Bracket for steering column on bulkhead [this needs to be fabricated as it is not available new]
Accelerator cable
Change the parking position of WW motor & buy 2 wiper arms
2 bottom of dash crash pads
The job is reasonably straightforward if you have basic engineering & fabrication skills, the biggest problem I had was fitting the repro dash backing, if you need any further info email me
R. Algie

Thanks to all of you who replied about my pipe dream.

I think my time will be better spent (this winter) doing the engine and gearbox. Methinks rings and bearing and synchros and bearings will be the order of the period.

After all, it never hurts to have a nice running engine.

Jim Deatsch

This thread was discussed between 14/08/2003 and 16/08/2003

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