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Triumph TR6 - Converting from MGA to TR6

I have owned 4 MGs and currently have a beautiful restored 57 MGA.

My love has always been with the TR6.

Before I consider selling my MG anyone like to comment on the TR6.. parts availability, costs for a 9 car etc.


P.S. Anyone interested in a trade? Have many photos and detailed restoration records. (Over 26K invested in parts and labor alone. )


Dave Gates

There is really no problem whatsoever getting parts for a TR6, as long as you don't mind "mail order". A big NAPA store will have some critical parts (dist. cap, rotor,ect) on hand. Otherwise, use the big 3 and keep some spares on-hand for the weekend "uh-oh's".

Not sure what you mean by a "9" car, unless that's some concurs rating. I'm ignorant of that since I like to mod my car. You can get a TR6 in very good condition for $5k-$6k if you shop around, maybe cheaper. Most ground up restorations seem to be in the $8K to $10K range - it all depends on what the owner sunk into it and what he (usually is) thinks the time is worth. Look on e-bay - there are usually several for sale to give you an idea.

Sorry - wouldn't even consider a trade even though I really like MGA's.

Brent B

I did'nt know how much I wanted a TR6 till I got one. Previously an MG guy, I'd never go back. I drive (without an excuse) any time I can. Some parts are a little more difficult to come by, but always possible.Try all suppliers, including the local yards, and you'll be surprised. Worth the effort! Peter
Peter Gooch

Dave, don't let anything sway you from a TR6 purchase. I am on my 14th and would have another if time, space and money were no object. However, the car I currently have is what I call my keeper. It is a 76 with a/c, o/d, and a hardtop. It has now 58k miles. I have just put on it the minilite knock-offs and they look great! Look at your budget, see what the absolute most you can afford is, and then buy the most car that amount will buy. I gave 11k for mine on e-bay and have not regretted it. This compared to 6k for the last TR I had, needed at least that much more spent on it.
w Holtzclaw

Just look at the specs beginning from the odvious:

dual exhaust
real wood dash
sub 10s 0-60mph
exhaust note that rice rockets are envious of
15" wheels
Horsepower over a 100


The TR6 is a poor man's E-Type or AH 3000

Just had a all British Motor Meet this weekend. What a great time. Anyhow I got to drive home a friend's 1961 Healy while my wife drove home our Six. Now I do love Healys, but I would rather drive a TR6 any day. You need baby feet to work the clutch and it just doesn't feel as good. Maybe the newer ones were better.

As for MGA, used to own one; they are beautiful cars. But again, they can't compare to a TR6 when it comes to driveabilty.

Doug Campbell

This WEB site has a main page where you can post MG 4 Sale. Do not worry about parts availability...just get the VISA gold out. Best prices for parts that I have seen are from advertiser this TR6/BBS (at top of page).
Welcome..let us know what you get.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks for all the input. No surprises here. I love my MGA and it is a show winner but I as I get older.. (gee we all do Damn !) and I am retired, I would like to be able to go to more shows farther away. The A wears ya down and it is tough on interstates. Would like a little more room.. and more power.. oh oh oh..

Thanks again

Dave Gates

Guys, I have been tracking TR6 sale prices on ebay for a few months, because I want to buy one. Actual sales run from about $5300 to a high of $21,000-but the average for one that sounds like it is in reasonable condition is lower. Around $10,000 is a common price for cars people claim are restored, but not concourse. The problem is that the ones I have looked at are priced at a higher level and I am scared to buy one sight unseen, no matter what the seller says. I saw one that the guy wanted $14,000 for and another where the asking price was $13,500--both were very nice, but it seemed like they were priced too high. If anyone out there really has a fairly recently restored car for around $9,000 or so, I would be interested!
john bryan

This link is a dealer of TR's and others. I have it from when I was trying to pick out a color for mine, plus some daydreaming. It offers a little insight to pricing. Good for daydreaming too.

Mark Hauser

Thanks Mark. By the way, I just a TR3 in our local paper, asking price around $7500. Based on the prices at your link, it's tempting! The TR3 is really my favorite looking car, but it's rather small and doesn't perform like the TR6. Personally, I think the TR6s are going to go up in price like Austin Healys did a few years ago.
john bryan

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