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Triumph TR6 - Copper Fuel Line

Is there a problem with using copper tubing as a fuel line on a carburetted TR6?
Rick Orthen

The engineer in me says "make it real, make it steel." I don't really like to use copper for tube runs on a car. Depending on exactly where you are talking about in the tube run, you have galvanic corrosion potential, copper doesn't like the vibrating environents, etc. Copper does have the advantage of being easy to work with, but steel can be worked easily with proper bending and flaring equipment for automotive use. In the fuel line sizes, there are tools readily available to do almost anything you would want to do at your local parts store. Until you get up over the .500" OD stuff, you should have no problem. After that, you start getting into specialized "tube shop" type of equipment to do it right.

I've got to agree with SteveP. I've worked with copper in my youth as an AC tech. If there is a vibration and rub spot you can wear though copper in a very very short time. I would consider it dangerous.

Curt Anderson

Thanks Steve and Curt. I was considering making the copper run between the fuel pump and the carbs since the compression fitting end of the steel line no longer sealed properly. I've seen pics of some SU's with copper runs which piqued my curiousity. OK, "real steel" it is.
Rick Orthen

This thread was discussed between 14/08/2002 and 15/08/2002

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