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Triumph TR6 - Copper Grease

Finally found some copper grease antiseize that I WISHED the DPO (both of them AND the factory) had used on several parts like the exhaust manifold studs and the intake manifold water jacket connection. Nonetheless, I now have my own supply to properly reassemble all these parts. Question for the BBS is where, aside from those mentioned and the brake anti-squeel pads, should I apply copper anti-seize compound?

Highly efficient electrical conductivity so might it be a candidate for lubbing electrical connections or is another less hazardous product a better choice for this application?

Also for anyone else using this stuff, I recommend that you find the MDS for safety precautions, particularly the aerosol product. Does bad things to your body, apparently.
Doug Baker

You can't beat di-electric grease for the bullit connectors.

EC Smith

I used a product called Kopr-Shield when installing my new wiring harness. It a copper based rust inhibitor which ensures conductivity on grounds etc. Sounds like a very similar product but is specifically intended to inhibit corrosion when used with wiring etc.

Dave B.
David B

Doug--I would use that stuff on every fastener you intend to loosen in the future EXCEPT torque-critical applications like the head, bearing caps, wheel studs, etc. A particularly useful application is spark plug threads, especially if you have an aluminum head.
Rick Orthen

This thread was discussed between 24/05/2006 and 25/05/2006

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