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Triumph TR6 - County (British Manufacturer) Parts

Does anyone have any information concerning the quality of County British car parts. I'm looking at some pistons and other internal engine parts made by this company and am not familiar with their quality. The pistons I'm looking at come with Deves rings.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Hi Scott. I too don't know much about 'County' spares, but I hope they're good because I just bought a 'County' oil pump for my 72 TR from LBCCo. I'll be installing it later this month during the engine rebuild. It was made in England and looks to be very well made.

Rick Orthen

I purchased a clutch master cyl. from VicBrit and it is a County product. It is labeled as "Product of India". The casting, stamped numbers & letters and general finish of the part are rougher than the original, but interestingly, it has "TV - Girling" cast on the reservoir. The critical parts seem to be adequate and it appears to function so far. The other parts of the kit including slave cyl. are marked as UK made.

This thread was discussed between 05/12/2001 and 15/01/2002

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