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Triumph TR6 - Cross braceremoval?

I bought a chromed cross brace (front of engine) and removed the bolts securing it to the frame. It was very tight when I tried to tap it out and I stopped because I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something that may affect the suspensions stability. Can I remove it without any repercussions? By the way Happy New Year to all!. It is 68 degrees in Indy with stars! Last week we had a foot of snow and -3!!! Couldn't help but tinkering and thinking of Spring!
Bill Kinney

Place your floor jack under the frame cross-member and jack it up enough to unload the the front springs. At this point, it should fall out when the bolts are removed. Oh....and Happy New Year!
Rod Nichols

Thanks Rod!
Bill Kinney

When I took my cross brace out to remove the engine from my 73 TR6 I used the jack under the frame to remove the pinch suggested.

I had a problem with a couple of the bolts that came out really!! hard. They were probably cross threaded to begin with. I bought new 3/8 fine bolts and used a tap to chase the threads in the frame nuts.

Good luck


This thread was discussed on 01/01/2005

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