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Triumph TR6 - Curious, What car do you have

Now that many of us spent the last couple of years reading and commenting on this BBS I thought that it would be interesting to share the type of car we have. Here is a format starting with mine:

1975 TR6 Carb with o/d (Jtype added latter)
Built Jan 1975 CF30852
Delft Blue (136) with shadow Blue interior
54,400 orig miles
Steel wheels with 205/70HR 15 Yokohama
Modifications: Chromed roll bar, SS exhaust

Car originally from Vancouver BC I'm the 3rd owner however the interesting thing is that the 2nd owner only drove it 5,000miles over 16 year period (1980-1996)

Restoration: Still all original including body and paint but now surface rust showing. (time for a paint). Many mechanical components rebuilt including Transmission, suspension, brakes, hydraulics, Dist., carbs.

There is an Internet site for this kind of information:
Angel L. Traverso

This is a good idea. You might also want to go to the following WEB page and register there. U can give the same info and even post a pic of her .
You will find that some of us on this BBS have done so already. There is a multitude of ways of looking at the 6s ie. by year, by colour, by vin, even by country.

SORRY no 4 bangers with funny lookin' bulges on there bonnetts allowed:)
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks Rick for the vote of confidence, guess Angel did not see the value of my idea. While I know that the registry exists (and I have previously registered) only some of the contributors actually have listed their TR6 on there and frankly I do not have time to sift through the hundreds of entries to find who on here is there. Just thought it was a quick and dirty way of introducing each other and know more about that quirky Brit car that occupies most of our spare time. Other point was that it was a way of recognising our cars so that when it comes to an event like Bronte we can put a face to the car or vise versa.
Also we also seem to have a couple of orphans or spies ( mascarading here but actually own a related BL product) that found their way on to our active site hence all the joking about bonnet bulges and 4 bangers.

It was just an idea and if the masses think that it sucked, then I appologize.

But what if you have a couple of cars with those funny looking bulges on the bonnet to go with your TR6 and the wife's Spit? Would I be partially absolved if one of the bulgy beasts has 6 cylinder in it...........

Hey List all the beasts, that was the whole idea of my exercise even if it has bulges, 4 cyl or, gasp looks like a door wedge

Be carefull the wedge guys do read this...I was caught making a derogitory comment I think a year or so not remember when... CRS ya know.
Do I hear someone braging that he has multiple Triumph Roadsters...How does that saying go about life in the fast lane? GEEESSS a TR4(A), TR250, TR6 and a wonder they are becoming scarce..he is hoarding them all! (wanna buy another 6? I know of one for sale?:)
Steven, went to the TR Registry-TR6 and saw your info but no PIC! Ya gotta post a pic!
OK for me:
Purchased the "project" in June '98. 2 bodies, one frame, one engine, and about 30 boxes.
Nov'98 I had a rolling frame ( I figured I was going to be on the road the next spring...NOT).
Frame goes to a neighbours barn (till March'00)
Picked the body that went originally with the frame and over the winter restored the underside of the tub.
April '99 body soda blasted and went for minor body work and primer coat outside, finish coat inside.
For the rest of '99 completely new interiour and all electrical tested.
March'00 body put back on the frame...all exteriour electrical installed and all outer hardware installed for fit/function.
Oct'00 had put 5 miles on her driving up and down my street. All exteriour parts removed including all lighting and back to paint shop for final coat.
Dec.20 '00 car back in the garage and now have the winter to reinstall all lights and exteriour hardware. May 7 '01 MY MSTRS is certified. An interesting point here is that the manufacture date of the car is May '71 so back on the road 30 years later to the month and my B. Day is May 7th (1951) so 2 significant I would rather not have had.
I would hazard a guess at 80% replacement of parts. Too many to mention.
Exteriour paint code 96 (original)
Interiour code 27 (original)
My TR6 is restored to original except the following:
Wood steering wheel, high gloss dash ( but original wood), K&N 3" air filters, OD added, Pertronics EI, and chrome valve cover. I have all these parts in the original form. I sport an original blue ( not original to this car...body and frame came from CA) 1971 Ontario licence plate on the front. Oh ya, the odometer will very shortly say 55,555 (.5) miles...I gotta get a pic of this...if I can remember.
So there you go Steven...sure would not want you to feel it necessary to appologize. Besides it is up to the individual to post to this thread ( you can bet they will read it though).
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Not so much bragging, but pointing out that lots of folks have more than one of these thingies, but visit here since it is the most active of the boards. As an example, another local guy to me that visits this board has a driver 6, a racer 6 and a V8 wedgy. Besides, if you saw my TR4A (irs) and the 250, they are in a rather sad state, both are project cars recently purchased. We have been discussing a number of options, some of which only leave one of them (the 250) intact. Time will tell which way things go. Either will require major work, the 250 is the most original in jasmine and black with a surrey top. The 4 was resprayed red. Such a shame too as it was originally one of my favorite color combinations in a sports car, white with red interior/white piping.

Hi Steven.
My tr6 is a 72 that I've only had since Feb. It was a body off restoration in 86. It is in its original colours,emerald green with black int.The rest of the car is original.I've added an air dam/spoiler,and have a roll bar to go on sometime.Wheels are original steel with black centers(I like em).Tires are Michelin X's.I've had agreat time with it so far this year,and went to most of the Brit meets with it. There is a picture on TR Registry. Rick C...sorry to have missed you at Bronte. Next year!!
Rick Warren

Rick W
You where there??...bummer.....yes would have liked to meet you and Ellen. Maybe Orillia next year.
Rick C
P.S. I have a few pics of Rick Ws 6. She looks pretty fine. She looks like the restore was done more recently than '86.
Rick Crawford

Mine is a 1973 that I purchased three years ago locally. The PO had installed SU HD8's, shaved and ported the head and installed SS exhausts. I drove it 5,000 miles the first summer and it ran great with worn out suspension bushings, oil shooting out the tailpipes, broken piston rings, worn out motor mounts, juttering clutch. I drove the hell out of it and loved every minute.

Anyhow, I was hooked on the TR6 hobby and started taking the car appart. Couldn't stop. I rebuilt the motor, lightened the flywheel, installed an electric fan and fuel pump, installed a ARP new clutch, replaced all the suspesion bushings with poly, installed some Pirelli P4000's, some front Koni's put it back together and drove it another 5,000 miles.

Then, unfortunately, I discovered the TR6 high performance market. So the next winter I took the car apart again. I'v now stockpiled a bunch of stuff and am preparing to put it back together again for the final time - aluminum flywheel, roller rockers, Kent Fast Road Cam, TT Headers, rear shock conversion, springs, poly diff mounts, thick swaybars front and rear. Now just some longer legs and a racing stripe should do it!

John Parfitt

John - You want top get in touch with Garry Altwasser in Calgary who owns a TR8, a Herald, and a beautiful Red TR3A with white racing stripes. It is lowered about 4 inches and can it ever go. It was featured 2 years ago in Grassroots Motorsports. Take a look at his stripes. They go in the grille, through his trunk and even into his spare wheel space and out again. Looks super.

e-mail address :-

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Greetings from Boise! After many years of drooling over various TR6's, one followed me home a few weeks ago. Previously owned 2 Spits, a GT6, and 3 MGB's, (these have been spread over the last 30 years) and finally a mallard green 74 TR6 w/OD and it has the dealer-installed A/C, with 47k on the odo. Only problem is it was torn apart for refurbishment around 83-84ish and that is it's current state. Needs everything! I'm in love with it and it doesn't matter! It'll get all it needs! My wife (of 28yrs) and I are being optimistic and hoping to see it power itself down the driveway by May of '03. The body is very straight, but needs paint, which I hope it will see within a month. I'm not going for frame-off, but just wanting a good-looking - good-driving reliable TR6. It was built in Jan 74, Comm # CF17540 UO. Happy to finally be a TR6 owner! If I'm not here, I'll probably be in the garage!

Rod Nichols
Rod Nichols

Hey good stuff Rod. Welcome too. Keep us posted on your project. I only found these guys 2 months ago. I don't think there is a better manual anywere than there combined knowledge and willingness to help.

My 1972 TR6 Royal Blue, all originial 37K followed me home after my youngest son at 4 spotted it for sale around the corner and kept telling my wife how neat it was 15 years ago. Now undergoing frame off. TR's are sort of like puppies you just can't say no.

Torn apart is a good way no surprises. What's bad and good you can see.

My wife believes a TR does wonders for the longevity of marriage. I never have the nerve to gripe about her going shopping or what she spends. 2 boys 2 girls, 5 Grandkids. Eldest son 36. All have dibs on the TR6. Grandpa is doing the frame off Grandpa drives TR6.

Steven this is a great thread. Wrote this and realised didn't have my numbers handy sorry.

Good luck

B Brayford

Like this thread. I am relatively new to the TR world - MG's before. Now I have a 'free' december 73 TR 6 - beautiful car. Came free but will cost thousands before I am done. Straight, rust free, engine trashed - new one is on it's way, I hope, has taken months to achieve this. Needs plenty after 30 years but the starting price was right.Hell, you can only buy the boringest new car for 16 to 20 G's, so what if I spend 10 on some real fun. I'm up for it.
Peter G

Lakeville, Mass.
I found my 1972 TR6 (CC81312U)about a year ago less than a quarter mile from where I was living at the time. I had been searching (internet,old car trader etc.) saw this one and my girlfriend finally covinced me to take a harder look at it, 2 test drives and a long stint under it and it followed me home. It is Sapphire(96) and Black(11), since I bought it I have checked and tinkered and torn out many old filters wires hoses valves and bushings. Each and every time it is a learning experience made much easier since I have discovered this BBS. It now has petronix ignition, hotter coil magnecor wires K & N Filters and new rubber (205/70). Recently changed over my clutch hydraulics to dot 5 to match the brakes. I have probably been lucky enough to put 5,000 miles on it this season, my work allows me to be quite flexible and I often use it for a day and 75-100 miles at a time. I always wanted one when I was in college, I don't know what I would have done with it then, but it sure is fun now. It is running fine and I find that a consistent regimen of checking bolts fluids and the like keeps me occupied and keeps her running fine. I am actually looking forward to the winter projects I am dreaming up. This BBS has been extremely helpful to me as I stumble thru some of the problems I encounter and repairs I have to undertake even if they are self created duoh.
Regards and many thanks to all,

73 6 with 52000 miles when purchased in 82. Rebuild the motor myself when one of the big end bearings went; valve job & rings at the same time. This year, newer tranny & differential. Painted last year the same cherry red (originally pillar box red). Never a show car but a super runner with 75K miles on it and going strong. After having taken every component off it at some point, I think I finally have it figured out. "Well weathered leather, hot metal and oil,
The scented country air, Sunlight on chrome, the blur of the landscape, Every nerve aware". Nothing like it.

Now this thread is starting to become interesting. Some very neat stories. Keep em' comming guys.
It seems owning a Triumph Roadster is like owning a motor or sail boat. You spend 80% of your time on repair, maintenance, and keeping her lookin nice while 20% is pleasure. One would say the boat owner is nuts! Just ask that boat owner if the 80% plus the 20%=s 100% fun!
Thanks Steven
Rick C
Rick Crawford

The Most Important Mod of All...

In my car story I forgot to tell about the best modification. I removed the top, only because it never rains in Calgary, and installed a rear seatbelt and child seat just to the right of the diff bulge. My 5 year old son Matthew sits up there in that seat with his hat and ski goggles, eating bugs and attracting more attention than the car. That way the whole family - all three of us - can ride together on a spirited drive through the mountains. The best thing about it is all the "minivan people" stare with smiles and envy on the highway and they almost always roll down the windows and say hello at the stop lights.

(sunny Calgary, Alberta)
John Parfitt

Hi guys,
Here's the bullet, 1974 1/2 CF28480 Oct 1974
Two POs, brought home Aug. 2000. Very little rust on
frame or body but everything else was pretty much shot.
69,000 original miles. Tore it down to to the last bolt. Dipped the frame and painted with Por 15 rust
paint and sprayed inside with Rust Check oil spray.
Sanded body work down to original primer,sealed it,
then six coats of Sikkens acrylic urathane Rio Red.
Double layers of heat/sound insulation, new interior.
Complete new brake system front to back,KYB shocks
all around, rear shock coversion, poly urathane bushings all around, springs, Sway bars, blah, blah,
blah you get the idea. Now the fun part,
Ford 302 V8 bored .030 over, racing pistons,
mild cam, HD oil pump, Edlebrock intake, Holley 600
cfm carb. Accel billetproof electronic distributer,
Stewart stage 1 HD water pump, Griffen crossflow rad.
Tilton hydraulic clutch throwout bearing, Centerforce
dual friction clutch, Mustang T-5 5spd trans, stock
rear end. Panasport mags, Perilli P6000 215/65 15.
A Viper is about the only thing I give any respect to.
But I don't do alot of racing around as I am very fond
of my drivers licence and want to keep it.
The V8 weighs the same as stock six and mounts abit
lower and abit farther back so the car handles better
than it did.
Christopher Trace

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