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Triumph TR6 - Cylinder Heads

I have a need for a new or rebuilt cylinder head for my '72 and a friend has suggested that I search for a California company that is doing good work for low prices on an exchange basis anyone out there know who this might be? greatly appreciated.
Best Regards, Keith
Keith Dixon

Have you looked into how much it will cost to send a head to and from CA? Find a good local (or at least closer) guy to do your head work.

Over the past six weeks there have been three different cylinder heads for sale on eBay. Price range around $150 US.

Problem is the shipping is expensive.

Good luck.

John Parfitt
Bragg Creek, Alberta
John Parfitt

You might try PAECO in Birmingham Alabama. They are not cheap, but "appear" to offer superb work, from a redo of your head; a new head all the way up to a complete engine, balanced, blueprinted etc. They advertise that they can increase a stock TR-6 engine from the notional 105BHP to 152BHP for a street use engine all the way up to 258BHP for a racing engine. In between is a "Super Reliability Engine" that delivers 168BHP!! Their web site is:
D R Baker

I had my TR3A head converted with inserts for running with lead free gas - by a local engine rebuilder. I supplied him all the valves and the guides. He supplied the seat inserts for the exhaust valves. He said he wanted to use his seat inserts because his cutting tools were set up for his inserts. That made sense to me as I had heard that some TR owners have had their head converted, only to have one of the inserts fall out of place because the interference fit was not good enough and the "collar" rattled around loose on the the valve stem till it smashed the head and the valve. I've had no problems since he did mine - over 35,000 miles. I check the valve clearances every 3,000 miles and haven't had to re-gap them once in 35,000 miles. He also ground all the angles on all the valve seats and skimmed the head - all for $280.00 CDN (US$150.00 at that time). This was in July 2000 so for a 6-cylinder head today it might be a bit more.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A, Montreal
Don Elliott

Thanks, For the advice I am searchuing locally as we speak.
Keith Dixon

Boy, would I like to see that!!!- if it actually exists that is.

I'm referring to the TR6 engine that develops 258BHP.

Amazing, that after more than 35 years of racing development and testing the trusty old long stroke TR6 (ex tractor) motor can reach these dizzy heights (do I detect a note of sarcasm?) What is a polite word to use here - baloney ??

Start with the basic (but nice) fuel injected TR6 specs - (150bhp measured with no flywheel, alternator, fan, gearbox etc etc - ENGINE ONLY.) Add say 10% for blueprint and balance, 15% exhaust, 10% for fuel system and 5% for Avgas gives 210BHP - a figure that very few serious racers can achieve - Where has the rest come from???

This outburst is not directed at B R Baker (my apologies for the increased heart rate), but at the profusion of 'profits' with their false promises.

Whew - now I feel better!! (honk)

Roger H

Roger, Roger, Roger, oh ye of little faith.

It's simple.

Put it on the bottle. <G>

Jim Deatsch

Also, around 9 months ago there was a "cam" thread in either the 6-Pack or FOT lists where a couple people that actually used PAECO had nothing good to say about them.
Brent B

TRF has totally rebuilt and upgraded heads for $395.Even with shipping it would have cost me half as much as getting it done locally. $1200 is what it cost here. No, Hawaii ain't cheap !
Peter G
Peter G

A mechanic I have doing work for me has mentioned that he can crank a tr6 up to about 210hp. Balanced and blueprinted block ported and polished head cylinder's bored to increase displacement, biggest difference is 3x2" SU Carbs and headers with flow thru exhaust. He had one ther when I dropped mine off sounded real sweet.
Keith Dixon

I can't put my hands on it right away, but didn't Kas Kastner record about 258hp out of a 2.5 in some of his testing?
Gene Holtzclaw

It appears that I'm not alone!!

Check out this great little site for another opinion

Even though it's not only 'sixes' there is a column on six cylinder power estimates.

It also has a very interesting page on calculating your own vehicle horsepower on the road (ROT not dyno) (dat's Rule of Thumb!!)

Roger H

Hey Roger,
A little realism liberally sprinkled is oft needed. I did not calculate the BHP; indeed was not knowledgable of the limitations described in the article you referenced. I only reflected what the engine shop advertises. Sure seemed impressive to me if true. With what you've offered, it's not likely to be true and with Brent's comment, I'll be more circumspect with this firm. A caution was offered that at the level of 258BHP, the engine would have to be rebuilt very frequently so it was not a street option in any stretch.
D R Baker

Hi db - I think we can still be mates!! I'm sure you realise that my comments were not directed at you personally.

Sounds as though they might be offering up a nitro version! I'd still be interested in seeing it, so long as I didn't have to pay for it!!

Roger H

This thread was discussed between 06/05/2004 and 21/05/2004

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