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Triumph TR6 - Dan Masters book

Ok, so I got his book, and the "complete official tr6 shop manual". Im trying to figure out these diagrams, and Im having one hell of the time. Both books mention parts that I have no idea where they are located, and some of the wires have other letters next to them(I can figure out the color ones) and I have no idea what they stand for. Dans book is great, but now I feel like i wasted $50 dollars on the other book. Im an aircraft mechanic and its just frustrating that I can figure it out. Can some shed some light on this for me so I can get the car on the road so I can go to shows? Thanks guys
SBF Fitzgerald

Well where to begin SB?

Aircraft are well designed (usually) and well documented and then there are British Cars.

Invest in a good multi function meter (0-25V volts, ohmmeter) They are good for trouble shooting the electrics.

Maybe you should start a few new threads on the BBS with the stuff that isn't clear in the book. I will check the current ones you have going.

And pictures help a lot. If you take some, most of the guys on this BBS will be able to tell you what it is.

Or for travel costs and reasonable amounts of beer, I will come down and assist where I can. (Believe it or not, all of the electrics are working on my 69)

Good luck and don't forget to enjoy the experience. You will have many a story to tell when it is all over.

Michael Petryschuk

SBF, maybe if you listed the "parts" you can't find we could be of more help.

These are some of the best diagrams I've seen thus far..

SBF any A&P knows all you need is a bigger hammer! :0
JT White

Thanks Mike, I looked at one and i said to myself "I wont need that, I have a test lamp!" well I was wrong. Im going to go get one now...JT, how did you that a big hammer fixes everything? haha. I agree the book is great, its better then the ones I use. I should have posted that parts I can't find, but wasn't thinking. The "Terminal Stabalizer"? Also one more thing. The turn signal flasher on the passenger side fender wall, does that run all the flashers or just the left side of the car? Are there any diagrams out there that point out in picture where everything is located? Thanks guys. On a good note, I got a new cd player installed and working(haha)
SBF Fitzgerald

Flasher on passenger wall is for the turn signals- all 4 corners.

The flasher in the engine compartment is for the hazards- all four corners.

Not sure what the "terminal stabilizer" is. Unless you mean the voltage stabilizer.

Voltage stabilizer is attached to either the tachometer or temp gauge (in behind the dashboard) I can't remember which. It is about 2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide by 3/4 inch deep with 2 terminal spades at each end.

I am not aware of any diagram that indicates where everything is.

If you post a list of what you want to find, one of us will be more than happy to describe where they are or provide pictures if we have.

Happy hunting. At least you can listen to CDs while you troubleshoot other electrical gremlins.
Michael Petryschuk

"Voltage stabilizer" for the temp and fuel gauge is mounted on the back of the speedo. "Bigger Hammer" I'm a P3 Orion Flight Engineer and A&P. I know all to well about "bigger hammers" ; )
JT White

The Roadster Factory Blue and Green Books, VOL 1 & II of their supply catalogs offer some of the best exploded diagrams of the -6. They are no longer offered in hard copy, but have been distributed among members of this BBS on cd. Suggest you either down load a copy from the TRF website or arrange a set from on of us. They'll help you figure out where stuff goes and how with some notable exceptions such as the interior of the heater, but there are other source for those data.
Doug Baker

JT, brother was a past radio op. on a P3. Got grounded with high blood pressure.
This Nov. he is retiring from the reserve a Capt. and having the party on the deck USS Midway in San Diego.

Just did my 74 complete with a new wiring harness from TRF and used Dan Masters book.. worked great.. The biggest issue...Getting a DEPENDABLE GROUNDED CHASSIS !!! Sanded the bell housing bare metal and grounded with the Battery Negative together to the bulk head ground (sanded that too.. Once I had a solid ground the ohmeter really kicked in properly when I needed it. I also soldered a wire across the steering coupling and presto the horn worked that's a change.
Good Luck
Garry Burgess

Good morning gentlemen. Where can I purchase Dan Master's book ??? Sounds like a great resource for Triumph electricals. Have tried to find on net but not been successful. Thanks for all your previous help.
Will second Doug's recommendation to download the blue & green books from the Roadster Factory.

Wayne Johnson
1976 TR6
WG Johnson

I think the big 3 carry it

Where you been Wayne?

Don, thanks for your response but here is dumb question for you. Who are the big 3 ??? Not familiar with who that would be. Blame it on being a Canadian.

Wayne Johnson
1976 TR6
WG Johnson

The Roadster Factory

Moss Motors

Victoria British

Don, thanks for clearing that up and restraining yourself from making any comment. Will contact them and get the manual.

WG Johnson

Me make a comment.
You must have me confused with someone else. ;)

Don, FYI TRF & Moss both sell the Dan Masters manual for $39.90 but Victoria British was not aware of it. 2 out of 3 isn't bad.
WG Johnson

Wouldn't surprise me.
Not a fan of VB

Ended up buying the Dan Masters Electrical Handbook from 6 pack-they had the best price
WG Johnson

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