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Triumph TR6 - Dash Support Removal

I recently removed the center dash support to do some work on the carper of my 74-6. I was surprized that is was so heavy. Once I got it out I realized how much better the inside looked without it, and how much more room there seems to be. I dont want a radio in my car anyway. I was wondering if it is unwize to leave it out. Does the dash NEED the support, or is it mostly cosmetic? Thanks for any opinions.
Lorne collins

Lorne, you say you don't want a radio in your car? They make cd players or cassette decks that will fit in the radios place. The essence of TR6 ownership culminates when cruising to your favorite tunes. I think you should keep the support and do let me know if you need some good cds (or cassettes) to listen to.

rock on,
c.a.e. emenhiser

I recovered mine the other month. In the instructions From TRF it says you should check the support for cracks as this is a structial Item!

I think it just supports the dash, but most important that Radio/CD Player.

Colin Wilson

I believe the centre support is critical for eliminating "scuttle shake" and overall front arch support essential in TR from the 4 to the 6.

I also own a MGB/65, and it too has a center support but it is part of the body and is welded in place.

For your info

Lorne, I removed mine four years ago and have had no problems. I was sure I was going to have dash shake but it never happened. The facsia behind the wooden dash is bolted to the body in several places. I hung a fairly heavy CD/radio from the bottom of the dash and still no shakes or vibration. 6000 miles, no problems, and yes I love all the space. I installed a dash matching wooden console over the transmision hump.
Christopher Trace


Don't need heater or defrost controls in Ontario? Where are you going to locate those? Your car and your preference but I like the console. Bought a nice AM/FM cassette player to fill the radio "hole" but did not bother to hook it up. exhaust sounds too good but at least the hole is filled.

Bob Evans

If you decide not to use it give me a shout. Mine is with out and would love to give it a home.

This thread was discussed between 01/04/2005 and 02/04/2005

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