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Triumph TR6 - Diamondback Tires

At the risk of incurring Don K's wrath... go easy on me Don... I have brought home a set of 4 Hancook AS4 Radial Redline Tires 205/70/15 from Diamondback Classics in South Carolina. These folks buy current tech tires suitable for the car being shod and then vulcanize a redline, goldline, whitewall of every size etc. to suit the car, the era, the owner's taste, etc.

I now have them mounted on the car and have pictures of them. If anyone is interested in seeing what one gets for $172USD each from these folks email me.


PS. I'll report on how they perform when I start driving the car in a few weeks.
Ken Shaddock

Now your talkin, My biggest beef with the Redlines was the stock size and the lousy handling tire that was only available then. With what is going on now, If you got money to burn,and god knows (and not my wife) I've had a lot. Then go for it.
The Hancook's are suppose to be good tires.

No money to burn Don but I sure as heck am going to finish this car at a high quality level and I wanted good rubber on it while keeping a stock look.

I have however wasted money (was cheated by the seller out in BC) but I'm plodding on regardless of being over budget. I think it's the smell of the grease and the roar of my exhaust. ;)

Isn't it a great time of year! Sweet summer is coming and the toys are being readied. Let the games begin!

Ken 76
Ken Shaddock

For Pete R...

Hi Pete... my email to you is being returned. Maybe you changed addresses so I'll post here hoping you see it.

My db tires look good, ride smoothly, and corner great. I feel safer with a comfortable 'stick to the road' feel. Indeed it was an expensive purchase but they'll likely be my last set on this car. My guy did a nice install being careful with my stock rims and adding the balancing weights on the inside. I also bought new wheel trim rings and the red TR6 decals for the wheel centres.

When your budget allows I don't think you will be disappointed with the db's.

Ken Shaddock

Hi Pete... not sure you are seeing any of this thread but just in case... today we installed new poly TA bushes (I have already done new coils and a shock conversion) and the front anti-sway bar with new poly bushes... among other items. I still have some squeeks but the car handles beautifully with the new tires. Corners flat at most speeds. I'm not quite where I want to be with this car but so far so good. The tires, during a 200km trip on Wednesday were superb and the car just keeps getting better every time I open my wallet. Hmmm... what does that mean? Were they not perfect right out of Coventry?

Ken Shaddock

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