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Triumph TR6 - Did I screw this up?

need help with a tunnel lamp



It looks correct.

Confirm if you have power to the P wire.
Confirm that your PW wire leads to the door switches and has no power.

If it fried on connection, then you have a short right to ground or if the door was open when you connected then you may have power to the PW wire.

Confirm that the P connector is not grounded. Remove bulb, disconnect P wire, using ohmmeter touch P wire connector and touch the body. If you have 0 ohm, a omplete circuit, your power supply is going right to ground. You need to isolate that connector somehow.

If it fried upon opening the door- then you may have power on the PW wire.

Good luck on your troubleshooting.

Mike Petryschuk

Michael Petryschuk

Hey Mike thanks for the reply.
My car is in the middle of being put back together and I was testing the wiring on the light with a 12 volt battery charger. So I only had the P and the ground hooked up. It caught fire and melted the metal contact point on the P/W and ground side. The light is toast and I just wanted to make sure I rewired it right.


Mike did you actually ook at the wiring up close because I saw a picture someone posted for me and the wires were the other way. Tat would explain the fire


Glad that you made this clear. Now, maybe I won't fry a bulb:)
Doug Baker

My bulb came out unscathed. I just fried the contact slide. Now I need a new unit.


My Haynes suggests the wiring you had is correct. The power to one side of the bulb and the ground on the other. The P wire is the power. The PW is the ground through the door switches and the black is the ground through the manual switch.

If you used a battery charger to test it, it probably put too much amperage through the contacts and that is what caused the melt down. Battery chargers put out a fixed current level. Most likely this exceeded the design of the light fixture.

Michael Petryschuk

Isn't the p/w is power for the for the light also. The purple provides the power on one side and the power ontinues on until it is broken by the ground

You could make that argument Don. It is a complete circuit until you get to the door switch.
Michael Petryschuk


If you connect the P/W to power and then close the switch, you will fry the switch. See the attached picture for details. To operate the lamp, apply power to the purple wire and then ground the lamp either through the internal switch or the door jam switch via the P/Wwire.

Dan Masters

Dan - If you looked at the photo I posted that someone sent out and I hooked it up opposite then in reality I did what you said.
I hooked up power to the P and in reality since I had it hooked up backwards It was really to the P/W side and I fried it.

Your drawing shows how it works in theory but in real life doesn't match the real thing.

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