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Triumph TR6 - Diecast TR6

Other than ebay, where they occasionally appear, does anyone have a source for a diecast TR6 model? I'm looking for a red Ertl 1/18 version but they're virtually impossible to find. Also, of the few that do have them, none seem to ship to Canada

Hi Dave
Try Fred at British Auto Sport In Ontario.
1-888-485-2277 Please tell him Rick Crawford suggest you try him..(it is a long story why).

I do not think you will have any selection as to colour. I think the only one avaiable is BRG.
Rick Crawford

You're right! I did a search and found a couple of red ones but had notes that they're all out of red.. forever!! I now look at my red Ertl TR6 with a little more pride. I just waxed it:)

I found this link to a diecast red TR6 in Montreal. It looks like the Ertl.. maybe it's just re "badged".
Pretty expensive too.

Good luck

HP Henry Patterson

Dave, I just bought myself one that was on sale at TRF over the holidays. I don't remember the make but it was about $40 usd, and green.

rw loftus

This thread was discussed between 07/02/2008 and 08/02/2008

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