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Triumph TR6 - Differential Removal

Need some help here. I'm in the process of removing the diff on my '74 TR6 to replace a leaking seal. It looks like, to be able to drop the diff straight down, I have to remove the exhaust pipes. The muffler came off quite easily, but the next section of pipes doesn't want to budge. These are the pipes I need to remove to drop the diff. It looks like the exhaust clamps had left a rather deep impression that is preventing me from removing these pipes. I spent a couple of hours today with a torch heating the outer pipe to try to get it to expand, but was still unable to get it to budge. I don't want to have to cut the pipes out as it a relatively new SS system.
Any advice on how to get these pipes out would be greatly appreciated.
SF Remington


I just completed successfully the same job. I replaced all seals. Yes you will have to remove the pipes to get the diff down.

I also had some problems to separate the rear end pipes from the front. I managed to widen the joint where the inner pipe slides into the outer one twisting a large screwdriver into the splice.(there must be a better way to explain this :-)

If this would not work you can perhaps disconnect the pipe were it joins to the manifold and drop the lot. You will have to replace the gasket in that case.

By the way, watch the break lines lowering the diff, they are easily damaged by the front mounting bracket. I guess you will check your mounting studs for cracks as well.

Good luck,
Erik Creyghton

Yes you were going about it the right way from the is best to use a torch to get the outer diameter pipe a little red and then use a pair of chanel locks to twist the inner pipe back and forth while pulling it out at the same time...this will expand the outer pipe and it should is advisable to have an extinguisher handy any time you have the tourch out...and be careful of those fuel lines nearby and any areas coated with oil...they can go fast...try covering them with a welding blanket...also when you go back with the exhaust system no need to crush the pipe to get a decent seal...good luck
Chip Collingwood

Eastwood (and quite possibly others) sell a tool deigned to pull the pipes apart. I have borrowed it before and saved a lot of hassle. On the reinstall, don't make the same mistake the PO did by overtightening the pipe clamps. Just enough to grab the inner pipe is all that is needed.

Good luck.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Once you get your pipes off I'm sure the ends won't be round and smooth. When I changed mine out I took the pipes to a local muffler shop and they re-flared the ends for me with a hydraulic expander...took less than a minute and they looked perfect of all no charge !
Charlie Ballard

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