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Triumph TR6 - Distributor rebuild

Has anyone rebuilt a distributor and if so where'd you get the parts? How the hell do you get the pin out of the bottom of the drive? Is rebuilding better, cheaper, more reliable, etc, than buying a new distributor?? Thanks for all comments/suggestions.
Doug Baker

Doug, Google Advanced Distributors. The guys name is Jeff Shlemmer (sp?) and he does great work. Specialises in Brit idstributors. He did mine last winter. Rebuild, recurve,clean all nice and pretty, new cap and two new rotors for about $130. NFI

rw loftus

Thanks Rob. I think I can get a new one from TRF WITH Petronic electonic ignition already installed for little more than that price. I'll have to check, but thanks for the reference. I really hate to replace what can be rebuilt. Just too much stuff going to land fills and such.
Doug Baker

Doug, Ix nay on the new one. Send it to Jeff . He'll install the EI and he'll set it up for your engine. He'll also install a cute little nob to adjust timing if you ask and he has any.

In addition, the Pertronix unit has no tach drive. So, you must change over to an electronic tach, which is about another $300. Go with Jeff!
Rod Nichols

Thanks guys. Since TRF does not list a NEW distributor on their current website AND I kinda like sticking with my own stuff when I can, I guess it's off to Jeff's' although I would have rather have rebuilt it myself.

Now for the clutch. Broke down and ordered TRF's magic clutch with the Gunst bearing. Dave at TRF tells me that the clutch is LUK and the plate is Saks (sps?) and that the combination set up by TRF with consultants is a good mix and offers a best fit. Any comments/thoughts on this??
Doug Baker

Comments on the Gunst see the other post

Doug, once you see Jeff's work you'll be glad you had him do it.

So, how do you get the pin out of the bottom of the drive? Does anyone know???

Mine came right out with a drift IIRC

This thread was discussed between 06/07/2010 and 21/07/2010

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