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Triumph TR6 - Don't miss the obvious!!! I did. No gauges worked - grounded out the temp sender, temp worked. Ran out of gas in the garage as I was tuning - then realised why gas gauge did'nt work - NO GAS. Only one left is voltmeter and it can be hooked to any hot source - so as of now have only the ignition lite to figure for 100% operation (Charging is fine! - just the lamp) Easy to miss the simple stuff sometimes. Peter G
Peter G

I remember u talking about gas prices over there. Well if u put the best go-go juice in your 6 over here (which we all do) then this summer we should be at $1.00/ liter. That is about 4 bucks a gallon ( US gallon!) MAN! you would think this was Europe or something! Just got a cute e-mail from Rick & Ellen Warren. It is a picture of a gas stations fuel price "bill board". Regular: ARM.9....Plus: LEG.9 Premium: FIRST BORN.9
Anyway, at least you have them mostly working. I have been thinking about your "idiot" light and am still scratching the old noggin'. Have you tried to hook up a volt meter to the wire to the ignition bulb base and the other lead to groung (the tachs mounting screws)and see what your voltage levels are? You should have about 12V at ignition in on position and same during starting. As engine starts voltage should drop to near 0V.NOTE: put your red probe wire on the NY Brown/Yellow wire not the W White wire. Since this is a bulb I am going to take an educated guess that the bulb base is the NY connection from the alternator and the W is the bulb holder to the ignition. You can even try this directly at the alternator. The NY goes directly to the alternator and stick your red probe into the white MOLEX connector while the black lead is attached to say the battery. Do the same thing as above. Do u get this change in voltage readings?? Keep in mind this light bulb does not "act" like your typical bulb with 12V on the base of the bulb and ground on the bulb casing. The ignition warning light has 12V across it.
Good luck Peter
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick, thanks for some clarification and stuff to chew on. Never did fully understand why those brit cars had the ignition lamp in the circuit the way they did.Will try those tests.
Peter G

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