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Triumph TR6 - Door Checks

I was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to quiet down those noisey door checks. When I first bought the car I thought they were worn out. I put in new ones when I restored the car -- same thunk--. I went down to my local parts supplier and he had a couple of Sixes in the shop -- same thunk -- So I assume that it's normal. I just hate it when someone gets in and asks "what's wrong with the door." I reply "thats normal" to which they give you that condecending look and say "Oh sure."
D.W. Campbell

A small dab of grease on the strap where it passes throug the spring will eliminate a lot of the noise.

Doug - My TR3A has a special squeak noise when I open or close the doors. People look at me in a strange way when they hear it.

My answer is, "It's really hard to duplicate that original sound when opening or closing the doors on a real TR".

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A

Don Elliott

If they notice at all they likely drive rice burners.

You know the ones with the great big stainless exhaust tips trying to sound like a TR.

Use the grease or a bit of silicone if straps are clean will quiet for awhile.


Bill Brayford

The same thing bothered me so much that I got out the hacksaw and did something about it. What makes the noise is a spring loaded two sided pin snapping back into place after being fully opened or closed.I took
a plumbers hacksaw ( the kind where the blade can extend out past the handle) and removed the lower side
of that spring. It can't be seen from above and now there is half the tension of before so the snapping sound is much less than that bone cracking sound it use to make. Contact me if you want me to talk you through it.
Christopher Trace

Thanks for the help. I've tried the grease, but I will try Christopher's idea with the old ones I took off first.
D.W. Campbell

I have one of Christopher's suggestion by fluke, one of the blades broke off by itself long ago and it almost sounds as smooth as my Arcura's door.

Every time a passenger opens the other door they thing that they broke it. Certainly the mechanism is not a fine German or Japanesse well engineered piece. It is more attuned to something that came out of Czechoslovakia, DDR or the USSR...I am taking Skoda, Trabant, Lada, Zil, or Vaz. CRACK!

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