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Triumph TR6 - Drive Train Play

I have a 74 1/2 TR6. There seems to be alot of slack in the drive train. From under the car I can grab the drive shaft and turn it an inch or two in each direction. When starting from idle I ease the clutch out to take up the play and then I can change gears normlly after that. Should this play be present in the drive train? If not what should I repair/replace?
M.F. Hofbauer

That is a lot of play for either the propeller shaft or the two drive shafts. The car must be making runbling noises as you drive , and if a shaft lets go at speed you could have a nasty experience. Check the universal joints first- they wear out quickly on the drive shafts ( from differential to wheel hub) less rapidly on the prop shaft ( gearbox to diff.) Once the shaft is on the bench replacing UJs can be done with hand tools and a vice.
Peter Cobbold

Every car and drive line has considerable take up (ie play); an inch or 2 in not excessive. My (very low mileage) 1998 Acura CL has more take up play than my 27 year old TR6. Next time you change a tire on your everyday car, put the car in 1st gear and you would be amazed how much the wheel will turn until you hear the click of the take up especially FWD cars. I just changed over to my summer tires yesterday and the wheel had about 3"-4" of free play

This thread was discussed between 01/04/2002 and 02/04/2002

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