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Triumph TR6 - driveability

My TR runs beautifully when the dashpots are dry, when they are topped up to the proper level the car hesitates when taking off from a standstill and becomes a slow acceleration until about 2500rpm and then it is fine. If I feather the gas prior to releasing the clutch the car takes off fine. I feel like a Harley rider by reving the engine just prior to the light turning green.

What is wrong? Too lean or too rich? or something else?

FYI the carbs are synched, I have removed the vacuum retard as well as the EGR assembly and the engine revs freely up to redline. I've been using Auto trans fluid in the dashpots as I am told that the fluid is the righ consistency.

Try ordinary engine oil in the dashpots, I don't have much experience of Strombergs but SUs can give the symptoms you describe if the dashpot oil is too thin.
R. Algie

Actually the symtoms you are describing I get when my dashpots are low..... if I top them the car runs fine. And for the oil, I have been using regular motor oil, the same as you use for the engine, just like Ron said.

Steven - have you checked the rubber diaphragms for holes?
Brent B

This thread was discussed on 30/08/2005

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