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Triumph TR6 - Driveline Vibration

I'v got the car up on jackstands and have reinstalled rebuilt axles and driveshaft. All UJoints have been replaced. The diff mounts are new poly.

With wheels and drums off the car, I ran the first tests and discovered that a bad vibration begins at approx 4500 - 5000 rpm in top gear (around 70 mph.)

Below 4500 the driveline is smooth.

I didn't have the driveshaft balanced after new UJoints were installed. However, the driveshaft was balanced a few years back.

The driveshaft yokes are on the same plane each end.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


John Parfitt

Would not want you to feel ignored...:)
Do you get the vibration when actually moving down the road at 70 MPH?

"With wheels and drums off the car, I ran the first tests and discovered that a bad vibration begins at approx 4500 - 5000 rpm in top gear (around 70 mph.)"
Could have had some fun with that statement:)

Rick C
Rick Crawford

Maybe have a peek inside the diff?

John sorry for the ignore. Keep it under 68? I guess you have to only use 4 of those new gears. Hey that is a thought any reason it is in the new trans?


I removed the driveshaft, removed the sliding end, turned it 180 degrees and replaced.

Now with the car up on jackstands, again with no brake drums installed, I find that there is no driveshaft vibration. I can spin the engine in the lower gears to redline with no vibration at all. It appears I the shop installed the thing the wrong way around after replacing the U-Joints. Problem solved. The driveshaft is good, the transmission is good.

However, when I spin the engine in 5th gear and get the speed up to around 70 - 90 mph there is a small-medium vibration comming from axles or somewhere back in the rear.

At this point I think it is time for a road test.

But here is a question in advance: Why is it typical to have a driveshaft balanced and yet not so common to send the axles out for balancing.

In my case the driveshaft was balanced by a Calgary shop and is perfectly smooth.

The axles have never been balanced. Wonder why?

Another question about diff. gear lash: there is about 1/16" movement in the hub before the diff gears begin to move. Is that within spec.

Anyhow - It snowed yesterday and today sunny and dry and looks like driving season is finaly arrived!!!!!!
First test drive tonight.

John Parfitt

John Parfitt

Hi John,
I think that you might get some vibration on the stands but once the wheels are on plus the weight of the car on all the suspenspension and drive components you should have no vibration...let us know.
We've had great driving weather here for the last 2 weeks or so
Charlie B.

Further to my last post, Charlie is pretty much right in that the road test went well with no driveshaft vibration and some general vibration at around 70 mph and up. Hard to pin-point the source, could be wheels since I ripped some of the balancing weights off the rims due to clearance problems - the topic of my next post.
John Parfitt

This thread was discussed between 06/05/2005 and 17/05/2005

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