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Triumph TR6 - Driveshaft-Which ways up?

Hi to all on this great site. I recieved great advice on my stripping paint plea and have come up with a method and location I just need some time to get at it! Todays question comes from me and my Dad. We have just about finished reassembling the drive train and suspension (brakes lines and steering rack are all thats left before paint) but the driveshaft doesnt look right to us. When I took it off the car in October I marked the flanges like the haynes manual told me but when I reinstalled it the sliding yoke is at the rear off the car. The U joints were changed at some point before and we were wondering if the previous person installed it wrong. Thanks for all your help I will reply shortly on the paint stripping ordeal! Regards John

John, Turn it round! sliding joint to the front!
Clive P

The yokes at each end of the driveshaft must be in the same plane as well.
R. Algie

This is No Yoke :-)
Joe S.

The sliding spline is definitely at the front. You MUST also make sure the the UJs are alligned...sorry Chris T. forgot the terminology again:)...CRS ya' know.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hi All
Thanks for your replies I will turn the driveshaft around but what do meen by aligning the U joints? I'm guessing the grease nipples both have to be pointing the same way? I have replaced a 6 Ujoints and the drive shaft was installed backwards when I took it off so I'm happy to turn it around. It will make it alot easier to grease that way! Thanks again Regards John
John O'Meara

"what do mean by aligning the U joints? I'm guessing the grease nipples both have to be pointing the same way?"

Do not go buy the grease nipples because the UJs can be installed any way you want to. "Alignment" is the drive shaft itself. The shaft is 2 pieces with the spline as their connection. Each end of the shaft has a "C" shape where the UJ is installed. this "C" is the alignment. The C has 2 holes in it and the 2 shafts are aligned when the 2 "Cs" are on the same plane..both ends have the holes facing up and are not turned from each other. The spline is unfortunately not "keyed" so they can be mated with the ends not aligned. The rear end axle shafts are "keyed" so can only go back together with both ends of the UJs aligned. Hope this helps..a picture would have shown it in less words:). If you have the TRF books , PLATE CW shows this.
Rick Crawford

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