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Triumph TR6 - Driving Comparison


I'm getting a hankering for a V8 powered British Sports car and I think the one I can afford is the TR8.

The reason this is still a TR6 thread is I'm wondering if there are any of our members who have driven both the TR6 and TR8 and if so, could they give the comparison on the cars.

God forbid but I might have to give up my six in order to finance the new car.

Thanks in advance

John Parfitt
Bragg Creek, Alberta
73 TR6 5 Speed.

John Parfitt

The TR8 goes like a modern V8. With its low seasting and rool up windows, it rides and feels like a new 2004 modern convertible if you can find a good one. The motoring journalists asked the Jag owners what they liked or didn't like about their new Jag. Those you had been long time Jag owners replied with an aire of disapointment, "The new Jags don't break down and therefore there is nothing to fix".

With a TR8 like this, you may miss the "spirit" you have with your TR6.

Most TR8's have been modified so much with Holley carbs, etc, that none are like the ones that left the factory.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

If you can get your hands on back issues of British Car Magazine, #94, Dec 2001-Jan 2002, has a comparison article with these two cars. Might be something there you can grab ahold of! Personally, I'd love to have a TR8 roadster, as I think it would be a great addition; but alas, we only have a two car garage!

Have fun weighing the options,

Rod Nichols

Have always wanted a right hand dr. TR8 or a 7 that has been changed. It would make a nice companion to the 6
Don K.

As a previous owner of a TR6 who has been in a number of TR8s I would say your first impression is you sit deeper in the car, actually the window starts higher, door comes up to your shoulder, and its much wider
When you start the car it sounds like a Corvette, same exhaust note, same alternator whine, same transmission sound.
The TR8 has better acceleration than a TR6, and corners with less understeer; the rear end does not squat on acceleration. Third gear, in particular, is taller.
Yes, it does seem more modern. They are quite different.
Simon Rasmussen

John as one 44 to another 44 may I suggest a TR6-V8
Check out British V8 Conversions home page,
I installed a Ford 302 V8 in to my TR6
and enjoy better handling, lower centre of gravity
and three times the horse power, not to mention
no oil leaks. On the site there is atleast 200 LBCs
with larger engines.
Christopher Trace

This thread was discussed between 15/11/2003 and 20/11/2003

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