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Triumph TR6 - Dust Boots for Hand Brake Cables

In restoring my 71 TR -6, the hand brake cables are in fine shape, especially after I bead blasted the metal sheath, primed and painted everything and re-lubricated the cables. The only thing really deteriorated was the dust boot protecting the brake end of the cable sheath. I have not found that part spared anywhere (yet). I really do not want to purchase wholly new cables, not so much from the cost...they're only about $18.00 each, I think, but I'm really reluctant to throw away something entirely serviceable. Does anyone on the BBS have a source for just the dust boot? I've queried TRF and LBC Com w/o success. Thanks.

Doug Baker

Maybe your local bicycle or motorcycle shop would have something.

If you have a local off road shop that deals in CNC products (they make a hydraulic throttle, which has little dust boot on either end). The CNC part no. is 1294 for the dust boot. CNC price is $9.25.ea. out of San Diego, Ca. 619-275-1663 or search under hydraulic throttle. I had the same issue with my boots, just installed without them.
Joe S.

What about a motorcycle shop?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hydraulic throttle? What a concept! And I thought a hydraulic clutch was silly. I know I've had more problems with a hydraulic clutch than I ever would have had with a nice, lined cable, even though they are easy to fix.

The first thing I thpught of when I read this was the boots on the throttle cables on my van. A junkyard (or are they regulated out of bizness by now) would be a perfect place for this. Body shops seem to be the new junkyard, if you can find the parts you need before they take 'em to the crusher.

So how many went out and checked their vehicle for a boot on the throttle.:-) Great suggestion Tom. What type of van are we looking for?
Joe S.

My van's a 94 Caravan with 3.0 mitsubitchy. I think all years of mitsu v6's have the same setup. Thinking again, I think there's a nice accordion boot on the shift cable, too.

This thread was discussed between 13/06/2006 and 17/06/2006

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