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Triumph TR6 - Eastwood?

I have a Manifold and down pipe that have an exhaust leak at the seal. I have pulled both, and while they are off thought I would try to refinish them. I saw an older thread that said Eastwood has a paint/finish that works well. Where can it be purchased in the U.S.? Pep Boys Auto Zone???
Bill Kinney

Here you go with a URL for Eastwood. I have not seen a similar product at "normal" parts stores. Eastwood is getting this as a commodity from someone and either repackaging it or having it packaged under their name. With appropriate digging, I could probably figure out a lower priced source, but with the qunatities involved, cannot help but feel that it is not worth the effort at an individual user basis. Maybe if you were running a restoration shop it would be worth while to dig.

The stuff works, but like any other finish application it is only going to be as good as your surface prep work. Get that manifold clean, blast/wire brush/etch away the rust, then give it a good solvent wipedown and dry before applying the finish. It can be sprayed or brushed. I have done it both ways and find that I like using those cheapy foam brushes the best from an application standpoint.

Bill--If you buy Eastwood's paint in the pint can, be advised that the label cautions that it has a 1 year shelf life after opening. This may make the aerosol variety more attractive. Also, apply multiple coats (I put on 6 or 7) to increase it's durability. A couple of thousand miles later, my exhaust manifold still looks as it did on day one.

Rick O.
72 'TR6
Rick Orthen

Thanks Guys! Also, any reason not to use it in the down pipe also? It is less than a year old with little use (unfortunately)!!!
Bill Kinney

I have a few cans of this stuff laying around and you can have it!!!! It only looks good for about a year and then the manifolds will begin to rust again and again. It is only a silicone based paint. I have used this on freshly blasted manifolds and it is really only a temporary fix. I highly recommend having your manifolds ceramic coated . There are many companies out there that offer an original cast iron type of color that is very good looking ans should last a long time. Steve
Steve Yott

This thread was discussed between 23/09/2004 and 24/09/2004

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