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Triumph TR6 - EBAY Fever

I noticed a TR6 front spoiler several days ago, and tracked it's progress, due to the fact that mine was broken this summer when I took out a stupid quail at about 70 mph. (It ran out in the middle of the road, stopped and turned to look, I heard a whump, noticed a couple days later the left end of the spoiler was broken at the mounting hole.) So I was genuinely interested in that spoiler on EBAY.
But not for $300!! I think this tops the NOS taillights that went earlier this year for $1200?!? The sellers description noted a split, maybe I should put mine on EBAY and buy a new one from TRF! I guess I'll be careful about what gets thrown away on the parts car I recently bought. Amazing......?!

Rod Nichols

I do a LOT of buying and selling on Ebay.

One of my hobbies is parting out TR6s and Spits that are not restorable and peddling the pieces on Ebay and to fellow LBCers.

I cannot BELIEVE the prices that some stuff goes for. I've watched people go NUTS over a steering wheel for a Spit when there is another one, identical, and in very nice shape that goes unbid upon.

I think it's part of the "must win" thinking that some folks get involved in. I know as a seller I love it, but it still saddens me to watch it happen sometimes.

I had a guy email me asking if I had a headlight switch for a late Spit just yesterday. He offered me some absurd amount of money for one. I told him to contact LBC co and buy one for $11.75.

Nuts, just nuts.

Jim Deatsch


TRF is manufacturing lip spoilers for the TR6. They are taking orders at $109. with no firm delivery date yet. Check your latest Fall Sale catalog (got mine Friday).

Just wait for the "I heard Girling stopped supplying brake master cylinders" fever to hit ebaY.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen


I never thought about THAT rumor. I could make a killing.

That or there's no more trim rings available for our wheels. <G>

Jim (demonic laughter ensuing)
Jim Deatsch

I've been trying to buy replacement number plate lights off Ebay for some time. I refuse to go over $13 for two of 'em. If someone wants them that bad, they can have them. I can wait.

I'd think things would die down over the winter as guys start to put their cars to sleep for the season. It'll pick up again in the spring.

As for me. I found a way to get my six in the sliding doors of my basement (removed the sliders) where I can work on it comfortably until my wife nags me to finish the basement finishing project that's half done. I have heat, light, cable and internet access down there now so, as far as I'm concerned, it's finished enough.

Regarding Ebay, I'm going to have a ratty old carpet set to throw out once I start redoing the interior. I wonder what someone would bay for it. It's ripped, sun faded and discolored but otherwise fine. Thoughts?

Don Hasara
(Wish I had Jim D's parts inventory!)
D Hasara

First of all Donald, I'm surprised you pulled off the "honey, I just CAN''T work on the Triumph in the garage scam". Last we heard you were relegated to the garage forevermore. <G>

Secondly, I don't HAVE that large a parts inventory (or won't have if you ever BUY anything) <insert large grin here>.

As far as the carpet goes, I'll buy it. Paint it black with Krylon and sell it to John for $50.

As far as Ebay goes, I've found that parts sales pick up (for me at least) as most guys work on their cars over the winter.

How's that? snicker.

Jim (king of the spares, or so I'm told)

Jim Deatsch


For the delight of the rest of us, you may want to sponsor a poll on the most desireable (expensive) TR spares. In my years of trolling ebaY, this list seems to include: A O/D, the elusive 'red fan' (leading one to worry that their's is going to disintegrate soon), taillamp assemblies, early license plate lamp assembly, unmolested rear hub, license plate plinth, fat gear synchros, Vandervell bearings, anything Clear Hooters, Micheline redlines (I'll never understand that one), engine sealing block (I need one and can't find one), and recently anything stamped 'Girling'.

Rick "Worried About My Red Fan" O.
Rick Orthen

You guys see the triple chrome plated crossmember?

Bit much. Dontcha think?

Don "I'm not gonna leave my Honda in the driveway so the TR6 goes in the basement so I can get it in the garage" Hasara
D Hasara

2 years ago I bought a "new" spoiler(ebay) for my 72, it was/is original and that year did not have one. I found that at that time none of the parts suppliers had them available. I had bid on a used part and lost out on it I think it went for $150.00. Anyway I found mine thru a guy on ebay molded from the original in fiberglass $125.00 with mounting hardware. He goes by the ebay handle of bluechips2001, good guy good product exactly as advertised. I have bought a few other parts from vendors on ebay thru the years and I always find it helpful to reference the Moss catalog and then use the item # on the LBC site to see what it is available for before I bid. The only other big purchase I have made was 5 original steel wheels with trim rings and center caps in a1 condition for $350.00. I couldn't find them anywhere either.
Regards, Keith

BTW lest I think I am too good to screwup I did by 2 window cranks from a source in the UK I bid $35.00 for them then realized I could get them at LBC for about$15.00/pair, duoh. But I see 1 window crank minus knob selling for $1.00 on ebay so I am glad I didn't throw them out, wonder what a used water pump is worth no charge for the gasket bits.

How about the used air filter, rusty and scabby in appearance, for $65? It's been on EBAY at least 2 times, with (thank god) no bids. The auction that really killed me was early this year, for an am/fm radio that "supposedly" came out of a TR6. I think the final bid was around $90 plus freight. But the BIG ONE was the Tr6 that went for $26000. Rick O. pointed that out to us a while back.....

Rod Nichols

Hmmm, highly desireable parts for Triumphs.

Let's see:

Complete instrument sets.

Original air cleaners for the EARLY TR6/250/5. The one with the two snorkles. Guess who has one that's being bead blasted as we speak so it can be painted original silver.

Tailights? Nawww, cheap. Really.

MARKER/turn lights, front, side, rear, all good pieces and worthwhile.

Just about anything that's not reproduced any longer.

Good bumpers.

Axle assemblys that aren't junque.


Early headlamp switch that goes on the column and does off, lo, high. Don't ask me how I know.

Of course, the radio 'console'.

Don't START me on Spitfires.

Jim Deatsch

I think it is the bidding frenzy that gets people.

Some time back a friend called me to tell me about a Surrey Top (my TR250 has a Surrey) rear window seal on ebay. I did a quick check and it was already about $10 US over what it could be had for from Roadster. I think it finally went for something like $30 over Roadster's price. As for Roadster, was this a phantom part, i.e. yea, it's in the catalog and price list, but we will never have one type of deal? No, about a month after that the same friend bought two, one for each of us from Roadster.

As for other "hot" ebay items, distributors can get up there along with fuel filler caps in good shape. Right now I'm tempted by the .........

I've got JUST what you need Steve. <G>

Oh, another one is the double 'snorkle' air cleaners for the early cars.

Who has one? I do cause sometimes you get the bear and sometimes he gets you.

Jim Deatsch

Ebay is basically like gambling, and is addictive. I looked at cars for more than a year on ebay, and eventually kind of charted the actual selling price of TR6's for 6months or so. Typical selling price for a TR6 in reasonable condition seemed to be about $9-10,000, regardless of year. Many of them, with probably more honest descriptions, never got bids at all. Some, with probably not so honest descriptions, apparently had super high minimums. I looked at a couple that were within driving range-one guy wanted $14,000 for a 1974 or so with a new paintjob and some obvious sheet metal work (which he fessed up to), but I don't think he ever sold it. I ended up buying my car from a Gold Coast British Car Club member and, though I am still trying to figure stuff out, got what I thought I was getting for a much lower price than ebay. I just don't see how you can buy a car without seeing it. But, because my car looks great in pictures, I wouldn't hesitate to try to sell it on Ebay, if I wanted to sell it, with, of course, an honest description. If I wanted to sell or when I want to and some fool 1000 miles away wants to pay me top dollar or better for a genuine "Florida car" with no rust, why not?
JL Bryan

Interesting observsations John (we know who you are in SPITE of your attempts to escape recognition).

As a matter of fact, I have sold and bought several automobiles on Ebay.

I've NEVER been burned with an automobile purchase or sale. Not once. I've had people send me email about how happy they are with the cars they have bought from me, I've talked with them on the phone when they had questions and generally made some great friends over the last four years or so. It's worked the other way too. I've bought some great cars on Ebay as well.

That having been said, I've heard the horror stories and watched people leave others (and me) absurd feedback when they:

1. got caught lying or stealing or cheating in some manner. You call them on it in feedback and they retaliate in kind because they have no defense for their dishonesty.


2. left bad feedback in response to the bad feedback they were given deservedly.

The bottom line is:

read the feedback. Read BOTH sided. Send a few emails to those who have participated in auctions with the person in question (either buyer or seller). Use your head. If it sounds too good to be true, it might be.


I'm selling a rolling chassis for a 77 Spit, WITH a very nice body tub, nice doors, boot lid and windshield. TWO VERY TINY rust holes in the driver's floor pan.

Price? $400 at my door in Rochester, NY.
Why? I've sold the pieces off it I needed to and now someone can get a HECK of a deal and get this thing out of my shop to make room for the next deal I'm involved in.

There's a good thing about this net of ours and it's the ease with which we find pieces for our beloved cars. Imagine trying to do what we do 10 years ago. People did it, yes, but it's SO much easier now (and more fun for me).

(steps down off the soapbox).

Jim (an avid Ebayer and loving every minute of it)

Jim Deatsch

Hi All
The daftest one I've seen on Ebay recently was the mixture adjusting tool for Strombergs, you can buy them new from Moss UK for 6.47 there was one went for over 22 during the summer after a bidding frenzy, I think as a previous poster said, some people just get carried away
R. Algie

Jim, I would agree with you I have had good conversations with almost all of the folks I have dealt with.(especially the LBC crowd) While I have not bought any cars I have bought other big ticket type items and sold them too. Feedback is the only way to really tell who you are dealing with on any item and whether they will deliver what you think it is you are bidding on. It is great to chart the prices of our cars tr's or daily's and find bits and pieces. I bought a new clutch master cylinder from a source in upstate NY(on sat.) had it shipped to a location where my car was resting and did the repair in a hotel parking lot (on tues.) I couldn't have done it thru a regular supplier. Maybe that was you Jim.
Keith Dixon


It wasn't me Keith, though I would have been happy to help if I'd have known you were "in the neighborhood".

Oh, I don't sell new stuff anyway. <G>

Jim Deatsch

Rick O, just got back and am catching up on the BBS. If you need a sealing block, I got one (assuming it's the one for the rear crank seal). Let me know if you want it. Peter
Peter Gooch

Peter, Welcome back. The sealing block I need is beneath the front crank bearing (the aluminum one that has the 2 wooden wedges on either end). Mine has the oil pan bolts stripped and I'd prefer to get one with good threads before going the Heilcoil route. If that's the one you have, please email me when convenient with cost.


Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I'd like to publicly thank Peter Gooch for sending me his sealing block to replace the stripped one in my engine. Folks like Peter are a great asset to the Triumph community and his willingness to help others out is wonderful.

Rick O.
(not goosing around)
Rick Orthen

What a guy, Peter that is, not the goose.

Now that's what it's all about (the helping out, not the Hokey Pokey).

Jim (watching the goose do the Hokey Pokey)
Jim Deatsch

I need one of the mounts that came on the 75-76 TR6s that the a.i.r pump and the alternator bolted on. Does anyone have one of these?
Gene Holtzclaw

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