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Triumph TR6 - egr repost

I posted a ? about egr valve removal and lost the info. One of you find gents e- mailed me and told me how and what size plugs I would need any help will be helpfull..thank you.........

Leroy: I think I sent you an E-mail direct on this last time, but can't find it. The thread on the EGR valve to the head is 3/4" NF. You just need to get a bolt from the Auto Parts store that is long enough to thread down into the hole in the head, with enough extra thread for the jam nut that is on the EGR valve. Put the jam nut on the bolt, use loctite 262 (red) liberally on the threads, and put the bolt in the head, and tighten the jam nut down. The intake mainfold can be plugged with a 1/@" NPT pipe plug available almost anywhere, and some teflon tape or other thread sealer. Don't forget to plug the vacuum line that comes off the EGR either!

Hope this helps.
Cris Hemingway

Is there any benefit to removing the egr valve?

Yes. They tend to carbon up, and then stick open which allows a constant stream of exhaust gas to enter your intake manifold. Not good for the carb setup or consistent running at all, and it robs you of power as you are mixing exhaust gas with your "fresh" fuel/air mixture coming from the carbs.

Cris Hemingway

Thanks for the information Cris. Is it also beneficial to remove the other pollution controls?

This thread was discussed between 22/10/2001 and 28/10/2001

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