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Triumph TR6 - EGR Warning light and Buzzer

Hi, I've just bought a 1975 Californian 6 that was bought back to the UK three years ago and has stood since.
Since getting it home and freeing off the brakes and clutch etc, the exhaust Gas Recirculation light has come on and a buzzer under the dashboard is going off all the time the battery is connected, even with the ignition key taken out.
I presume it shouldn't do this. The manual says there is an EGR reset tool. Can I make one ?
I don't need the EGR system, is it easy to remove ?

Also some great person has snapped off a stud on one of the back wheels. Anybody know if they are easy to replace or do I need a new rear hub $$$

Thanks in advance


Splitty - You need to get in touch with Peter in Wales. He seems to be the UK expert. Hope fully he will respond.
Don K.

Remove the EGR junk and your car will run smoother and better. Be sure to block the holes in the head and the top of the intake manifold with a bolt with gasket sealer. Also you will have to remove the vacuum lines that run the EGR (thin black hard plastic lines) that run all over the place and cap the small brass nipple on top of the rear carb.

I removed all this crap and my TR never ran better as the EGR gave problems for me at speeds above 4000RPM. It now easily revs freely and does not weeze like an asthmatic. Unfortunately I now consume more gas, not sure why.

Splitty--Assuming your hub flange wasn't distorted by the stud being snapped off, they are replaceable. Get a new stud and have it pressed in.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Hi Splitty,

The EGR counter is easy to reset, its a beige plastic device under the hood above the brake booster. It has the speedo cable attached at booth sides. On the side toward the center of the car is what looks like a little round button with two small holes. I used a small pair of tweezers (A snap ring tool might work) and stuck the tines into each hole to grip it and turn it until the counter on the front resets to zero. This should turn out the dash light. My buzzer didn't go off though, this may be a different problem. Key switch maybe?
Chris Wiebe

When I say the buzzer didn't go off, I meant it didn't sound when the EGR light was on.
C. Wiebe

Hi Guys

Thanks for your replies. I'll strip off all the EGR stuff, reset the counter and take it from there.

I've got a new stud on order for the back hub. That sounds far less of a worry than I expected.

Thanks again


Wheel studs; Go to the local parts store and purchase a standard lug nut to fit the new stud. Obtain a larger nut big enough for the threaded stud to freely pass through it. Knock out your old stud with a punch. Slip the new stud in, place the large nut on to act as a spacer and use the regular lug nut (installed with the flat side down against the spacer) to pull the stud into the seat. It's easy, cheap and prevents having to pull the axle.
Joe Justice


Great tip

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