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Triumph TR6 - Electric fan switch


I want to install a electric fan, but my problem is temp switch to control fan. The add on kit sold does not have any switch to control it. Is there a simple way to fit one?

Jean G.
J. G. Catford

You can run it as I have done mine.
3 position.
Normal (temp controlled)

Jean: I use a 2-position switch. In one position, the thermostatic switch in the radiator automatically activates the fan when the H2O temp. reaches 180*F.
The other switch position serves as a manual override to activate the fan when traffic conditions warrant it, without waiting for the temp. to rise that high.

If you are not referring to the manual switch, but to the one which thermostatically activates the fan, I got one through a NAPA store and had it installed in the top tank of my radiator by a radiator shop.
You can also order the type which senses temp. by contact with the radiator fins.

In either case, you can either have the fan controlled solely by the radiator switch, or you can wire a manual switch in parallel as Don and I and others have done to be able to activate it manually from the cockpit.

TNN Note

Jean, I also wired mine to be either auto or manual. There is a very good drawing floating around by Dan Masters as to how to do it properly with a relay and indicator light. For the auto fan switch, I used one out of an older Dodge Neon (I think, I can check I you want) and installed it in the lower rad pipe. I comes on at 195 and shuts of at 180 and has a 1/2" NPT thread so all you have to do is brase in a regular 1/2" bushing It also has 2 regualr male plugs for easy connecting.

rw loftus

Thanks guys,

A manual control switch is a good idea for security.

R.W. Please could you indicate me the model of switch if possible. i would have prefer a 185F thermal switch, but I imagine it is non-existent.

I just bought this fan eliminator kit to remove cooling fan with that heavy extension.


J. G. Catford

Here's my switch, along with a fuel pump switch


OK, Jean I think I have finally found what you want. The fan switch is out of a 2.2 ltr. Dodge Neon, I don't know if the year matters or not. When I went to the parts store and told the guy what I was looking for, he found this and told me what it was out of but not the year. I went to one of the local independants. The part number is BLU TS-87. He said that there are only a few manufacturers and that most retailers often use the same numbers, so this number might work for you at a NAPA or CTC. The relay I used is a real common GM relay, Bosch number 27110. I welded a 1/2" threaded bushing on the rad outlet pipe just as it goes vertical on the right side so it faces the fender. I also put a small bushing on the bottom of the turn of the rad pipe and put in a petcock to drain the rad. The drawing can be found at, go to electric fan. When I printed the drawing for this I studied it real carefully then went to Princess Auto and got the right number rolls and gauges of differant coloured wire and marked the drawing accordingly. I got lucky, it worked the first time. If you need a hand, let me know, be glad to help.

rw loftus

Jean, I forgot to mention that I did use the same fan that is in the article that has the wiring diagram. It works well and will keep you cool on the hottest days, but I think it really is more than is neccessary. I would still get a 16" store bought fan though, (just one that draws less amp.) because all the store bought elec. fans have their own integral fan shroud and I think this matters when you are stopped, it makes sure the air is being drawn through the rad where you want it and not just flying around the outside edges of the fan like it does with no shroud.

rw loftus

Jeeze, I wish I could remember everything all at once. If you do get an elec. fan, remember that it has to be not much more than 3" thick. The one I have is a little more than that and I had to make new upper rad brackets to tilt the rad forward a little so the rad would clear the cross member. Both Jeg's and Summit have an assortment of fans. I think Flexilite has a number of slimline fans, one of which will work well. Hope I got it all this time .

rw loftus

Thank you very much Rob,

With all your infos it will be a piece of cake to do that.


J. G. Catford

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