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Triumph TR6 - Electrical Help

I have a 1974 TR6<> I have two questions...

When I got the car the Gas and temp gauge did not work! I pulled the dash out and located the green wires behind the gas and heater gauge. they were both connected. Someone stated that the Speedo had two wires that lead to the gas gauge also which I removed and re-connected. I checked the back where the tank is and the wires were connect (except for a red wire which has no where to be connected and not sure what it does?)

2nd question<> my car has a raddle sound when go over bumps? I put rubber between the dooe and around the hood but I still get this sound?

There are plenty of things that can rattle around in a TR, but here are three I found on mine: rear shock loose where it mounted to the frame, rear parking brake cables loose enough to thump the body (from below) and the exhaust pipes banging around in the middle area of the frame.
The red wire should go to the trunk light - its 'hot' when the parking lights are on and the trunk is open. Sounds like the trunk trim that goes in front of the gas tank is missing - I'd make sure it can't short out, since it's on top of the gas tank.
If the green wires that go to the instrument voltage regulator (mounted om back of the speedo) are connected, then make sure the regulator is well grounded. That's a start, anyway! Aloha.

'74 TR6
JB Fetner

Sounds like you're still fighting the indicator problem! Was going to have you ref. the thread back in Aug. but realized it's your thread!
Try removing the wire to the sending unit & ground out to see if gauges come up.
Still dipsticking the tank!
ED Edward Dorsch

........check the voltage stabilizer.......

This thread was discussed between 12/09/2004 and 14/09/2004

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