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I took the smog pump off my 75 tr and she runs poorer. has anyone else taken theirs off? my oil pressure at idle is close to 100. i did not run the car for too long ( 1 minute) could my oil screen be plugged up? how hard is it to remove the oil screen?
Thanks for any help..Terry
Terry Suen

Oil sounds like it is cold and you need to block off the air manifold with either plugs after removing it or a pipe cap on the end.
S.M. Stephano

S.M. IN VA . I did plug up the one hose from the pump. Have i missed anything?
Terry Suen

When I stripped that stuff off, I removed everything except the steel air manifold that screws into the exhaust manifold. I was going to remove that but found that a pipe cap from the hardware store fit the threads on that. No Problem. I also removed the vacuem retard and put rubber caps clamped with wire ties on the air intake nipple and the distributer. I have had no problems at all. Might even run better. At least the air pump is out and the engine looks cleaner without the additional hoses and junk. By the way Virginia (at least where I live) does not require pollution testing for inspection. I also screwed the CO adjustment screws all the way in and readjusted the jets and carb balance when I did this. I think it made a difference.
S.M. Stephano

Mike in Va,
Thanks for the help...I want to do the exact same thing you did...Problem, could you send me some pictures of what you took off your car..I am pretty much a novice but am getting braver....
Terry Suen

This thread was discussed between 13/08/2005 and 15/08/2005

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